With more diners paying attention to healthy eating, endless restaurants and cafes have been sprouting out across the island offering different cuisines suitable for vegans or vegetarians. Most of the time, these restaurants focus on promoting the benefits of eating naturally with organic greens or beans. Elemen is a dining concept focused on a modern interpretation of natural and meatless cuisine.


You can clearly see their concept being extended to the ground with the modern and chic decor of their restaurant at Millenia Walk.


The restaurant gives a mixed vibe between a modern fusion restaurant and an elegant Chinese dining restaurant. There are a lot of greens used in their walls and booth seats and even at the grass wall right at the entrance


There are various food awards framed at their entrance and just to name a few; Best Asian Restaurant awards bronze, RAS Epicurean Star Award 2017 – Best Asian Casual Dining


The menu is fairly simple and they have options for you to go with their a la carte menu or their 5-course set menu which is only for weekdays or the 9 courses set menu. The set menus allow you to choose a dish from the salad, soup, main, dessert, drinks. The 8-course set includes a starter breadsticks to make it 8 dishes.


We were firstly served water in a bottle which was very pretty with a stalk of herb


The creamy wild mushroom soup with truffle is smooth and creamy with a whiff of truffle fragrance and flavours. Unlike most mushroom soups, this version is a lot lighter and you can tell that less cream is used.


The double-boiled Maca soup was sweet and refreshing at the same time. The natural flavours of the mushroom and maca which is better known as Peruvian ginseng give a very aromatic taste and flavour to the soup so even though the soup was meatless, it was still full of flavours.


The mushroom risotto with black truffle came looking suspiciously resembling a plate of fried rice. When we have our first bite, the texture was indeed like fried rice more than risotto especially when the rice they used did not look like the usual short-grain rice used for risotto. Despite the outlook and texture, the flavours were great as there was a good balance between savoury and black truffle fragrance. The taste definitely scored better than how it looks


As a fan of ee fu noodles, I was pretty disappointed with this dish. There are in fact many restaurants serving ee fu noodles and they offer the option to make it vegetarian by removing the meat. The taste was quite mediocre and the noodles were slightly soft and mushy although the mushroom was well braised. I would not recommend this dish


The blue flower tofu and wild truffle rice came in a nice bamboo container with an exquisite plating. The tofu was made with blue flowers, therefore, the colour is somewhat darkish purple and the skin is fried till crispy. The tofu was very well done as the skin was crispy to the bite but the insides were smooth and flavourful. The rice, however, was abit bland and hard compared to their black truffle risotto.


The calzone pizza came in a huge wooden pan and the pizza looked just like a huge curry puff. The crust was quite nice with nice cheesy flavours but when we cut open the calzone, it was disappointing to see that the filling was less than half of the actual calzone. We ended up with a lot of dough and only the bottom part of the calzone with the vegetables cheese filling. The flavours are not too bad but just the inadequate filling is kind of disappointing.


Last but not least, this has to be our favourite dish for the night. The potato ball with red rice roll came highly recommended and I can totally understand why it is so popular. There are 3 pieces of each item on the serving plate and came served on a flat plate just like most Japanese restaurants. The potato balls were more like potato fritters where the potato balls are made from mashed potatoes and vegetables and fried till crispy. The red rice roll has a pretty slice of mango on top and the roll has vegetable slices as well as crispy fritters. The fritters inside the roll provided a nice crunch against the rice roll and the mango give it a slightly tangy taste to balance out the mayonnaise sauce used.

Overall, Elemen has a pretty nice atmosphere and offers a modern fusion vegetarian cuisine to vegetarians or non-vegetarians who are looking for a healthy and light meal. I find the place very suitable for elderly as the food is easily digestible and also great for kids since many of the vegetables are hidden in the dishes.

Address: 9 Raffles Blvd, #01-75A/76 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 4 pm and 5.30 pm to 10 pm

There are a total of 4 outlets at Millenia Walk, Harbourfront Center, Great World City and Paya Lebar Quarter


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