Paik’s Bibim

Most people are introduced to Korean cuisine via one dish and that is the bibimbap. This is also the main dish that made Korean food go international. Due to it’s suitability to all ages and tastebuds, the bibimbap is well-loved in many countries. Bibimbap is basically a rice bowl dish which includes different varieties of vegetables and meat being mixed up to form a mixed rice bowl with a fresh and refreshing taste.


In the past, we can only get bibimbap at proper Korean restaurants but Paik’s Bibim came into the picture 2-3 years back introducing bibimbap as a semi-fast food concept. Paik’s Bibim restaurants have a simple concept which is self-service and fast which is well suited to the average office customers with only 1 hour for lunch. Paik’s Bibim is part of the bigger Born group which is owned by Chef Baek Jong Won the famous celebrity chef.  The Paik’s Bibim outlets are typically small with only a limited number of seating.


The main dish served is 7 kinds of bibimbap ranging from beef, chicken, pork, seafood and 1 vegetarian option. There are also a couple of side dishes like popular steamed eggs, fried chicken, topokki to accompany your meal. For those who do not wish to eat rice, there are also 2 noodles options with similar toppings of vegetables and meat


The SGD 3 serving of steamed egg is suitable for sharing between 2 persons if there are 2 mains ordered. The eggs are soft and have a light drizzle of sesame oil. Personally, I found the eggs tasting abit flat even though the texture was not too bad


Each bibimbap comes with a complimentary bowl of bean sprouts soup which is extremely light but is yet a good companion to wash down the rice which can be a bit heavier on the flavours. If you drink the soup on its own, it might come across as bland


There is also complimentary dried radish kimchi which is very delicious and well fermented. You can either add them to your rice and mixes them in or eat them separately as a side dish.


This is the vegetarian option where they give you pan-fried oil tofu instead of meat. It comes with sliced carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts, fresh lettuce, cucumbers, konnyaku jelly strips, dried seaweed and white rice.


Korean red chilli paste is available at all tables for you to customise your bibimbap according to the spicy level of each customer. The correct way to eat the bibimbap is to mix in enough red chilli paste and mix everything up so the rice is slightly reddish and filled with flavours. Personally, I love bibimbap other than the fact it is a huge carbo-load but with fresh vegetarians, the meal itself is not too heavy on the stomach and you get a good balance intake of vegetables and meat


The beef version comes with fewer vegetable selections. It has shredded lettuce and cabbage as well as a topping of dried seaweed. The beef is marinated and cooked in soy sauce so it is salty and flavourful which complements the large amounts of lettuce and cabbage in the bowl. For those who do not take spicy food, you can add just a tad bit of the chilli paste and mix it up and this bowl is still flavourful enough.

Overall, Paik’s Bibim is a quick fix during times you crave for Korean food and food is also served pretty fast. The bowls are also very filling so you can settle a meal with just 1 bowl.

Address: 311 New Upper Changi Rd, #01-95, Singapore 467360

Check out other outlets: Vivocity, Citylink Mall, Mapletree Business City, Tiong Bahru Plaza, NTU,

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 10 pm


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