Samjin Amook ION

If you have been to Busan, you would probably have heard of Samjin Amook or even spotted their store at the Busan Train Station. I wrote about them in my Busan itinerary 48 hours in Busan. They have since opened their first overseas store in Singapore in ION at basement 4 in 2017.


SAMJIN AMOOK is Korea’s oldest Amook brand in business for over 3 generations since 1953. Amook means fishcake in Korean and is one of the most popular street snacks in Korea and can be seen in many Korean dishes like the Topokki. With over 20 outlets in Korea and 9 outlets overseas, Sanjim Amook is the number 1 fishcake brand in Korea with 65 years of history. They were the first ones to create the fishcake bakery selling innovative fishcake bread and other varieties.


The business is now handled by its 3rd generation in the family and aims to make the brand global. The brand has a very interesting philosophy which is SAMJIN(三進) means that to look back in the past, devoted to the present, and move on to the future. This shows how they appreciate their heritage, as well as innovate for the future.



The store in ION is very small and can get very crowded in the evening when the working crowd comes in to buy their breakfast or snacks for the next day.


There are very nice paintings on the wall depicting how the fishcake is being made in traditional methods


You can find rolls and rolls of delicious fishcake and fishcake products placed nicely in wooden trays just like a modern bakery. You can also buy fresh fishcake for cooking in their refrigerated display case


There is another display shelf with deep-fried items made of fishcake and other ingredients. Some of them are made with fishcake covered with flour batter and deep-fried with bread crumbs.


Personally, I liked the bacon-wrapped Amook which has crispy bacon pieces wrapped around juicy fishcake paste before being fried a crispy golden brown.


One of the best selling product is the Amook Croquette but was out of stock when I visited. Each croquette is individually wrapped with an oil-free paper so you can hold them in your hands and eat them as snacks.


There are also other flavours like fishcake wrapped with vegetables and chilli before it is deep-fried and also other fishcakes that have cheese in it.

For fans of fishcakes, make sure you do not miss trying Samjin Amook as their fishcake is really different from the ones we get here. The innovative fishcake flavours are also so flavourful and delicious which is perfect for a snack or even for parties and gatherings. The prices of the fishcake range from SGD 2 to SGD 5

Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-34, Singapore 238801

Operating hours: 10 am to 10 pm


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