Simply Wraps ION

These days there are more and more places serving healthy meals like salads and soups and I have been visiting Simply Wrapps a couple of times whenever I feel like having a salad. The concept of the outlet is simple as a takeaway food counter selling salads, wraps, soups as well as healthy bowls.


The outlet at ION Orchard is very small and is limited to takeaway orders only unlike some outlets where they have table seating for customers to have their meals. The establishment is certified Halal so Muslim customers can enjoy their food here as well.


The menu board is also quite straightforward as customers can choose to order from the pre-curated menu where the ingredients are fixed with the sauces as recommended by Simply Wrapps.


Customers can also customise their own meal by choosing either a wrap or a salad and choosing their base vegetable and dressing from the menu. The basic wrap or salad start from SGD 8.90 or 9.50 and there is additional charges depending on your vegetable choices or topping choices.


There is a decent range of toppings to add on to your salad or wrap from vegetables to meat items. The basic options come with only 6 regular toppings as there are some options like roast beef, seared salmon which are considered as premium toppings and cost additional top-ups.


The regular toppings are basically vegetables like broccoli, chickpeas, couscous, potatoes and more. Most of the meat protein is premium toppings with the price range of SGD 1.60 to 3.20. There are 18 choices for sauces as well as various slow juices to choose from to complement your meal.

Personally, I find the serving of the basic bowl quite small as compared to their competitor brand which started the salad bar concept in Singapore before them. I did not manage to take any pictures of my salad since it didn’t look nice after I travelled a long distance after buying it. The ingredients itself is quite fresh and sauces are also nice and savoury. The only thing is the serving was really small but on a personal level, I prefer the other brand as I found that there are more choices when it comes to regular toppings and at Simply Wrapps, many of the toppings are chargeable.

Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, B4-30, Singapore 238801

Operating hours: 8 am to 9.30 pm



Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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