Life Element Electric Lunchbox Review

I saw this once on a television show and also on a friend’s Facebook and it kind of got me intrigued. After a long while, I decided to give it a try as I had to eat clean and only vegetables for a 2 months period. Purchasing the electric lunch box was rather easy through Shopee and I got it for less than SGD 30 during the 9.9 promotions.


The package came well packed in a box and every piece of the container is wrapped in styrofoam packing. There was even a free portable fork and spoon given to bring along with the lunchbox.


The lunchbox is 2 tiered and is made of thick plastic with a heating plate at the bottom of the lunchbox. The lunchbox is easily cleaned with soap and water except for the base which should only be wiped with a cloth since the electric point and heating plate is at the base


When stacked up, the lunchbox is about 30 cm in height and weighs only about 2Kg with all the ceramic bowls in the box. It also comes with a cloth bag which fits the lunchbox snugly and allows you to bring it everywhere



Every ceramic bowl comes with an airtight cover so you have to release the centre latch and cover your food


In order to make it airtight, you just need to press down on the centre latch to make sure it is sealed. The white dial allows you to put in the date so you know how fresh your food is being kept in the fridge.


The way the lunchbox works is to add water into the base before placing your ceramic bowls into the box. Once the heating plate heats up the water, the steam and heat of the water heats up the bowls and cooks the food. For the food to cook, the airtight covers should all be removed. Cooking raw food takes about 30 – 45 mins depending on what you are cooking. For warming up of food, it takes only about 15 mins.

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Here is a collection of the food I have cooked with the lunchbox over 1 month and the flavours are basically clean and light since the food is all steamed and I used no oil at all. The nutrients are all kept within the food since it is steamed and the food juices remain in the ceramic bowls. There is a huge variety of food you can cook in the lunchbox since there are a few different models of the same lunchbox which comes with bigger bowls. I have seen people making soups and stews with the bigger bowls, for myself, the smaller bowls are just nice for a 1 person lunch.

Personally, I love how simple it is to enjoy homecooked meals at work without much hassle. I prep all the raw ingredients the night before at home and pop the containers into the fridge since the airtight seal keeps them fresh. I just need to start the cooking process 30 mins before lunch at the pantry and I have ready cooked healthy meals. There are also so many possibilities of what ingredients, what seasoning and what kind of food to cook with the lunchbox and I am even considering getting another model with bigger bowls to use at home.

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