Sora Japan Gourmet Hall

Whenever I have a chance to take a plane from Changi Airport Terminal 2, I will always try to reach earlier to have a meal at Sora Japan Gourmet Hall. Since its opening in 2018, I have visited Sora at least 3 times and there are definitely some favourite stalls.


The Sora Japan gourmet hall is located in level 3 of the public area of terminal 2 so you can actually visit them anytime. Each diner is given an electronic tag at entry and they can use this to charge their meals and accumulate their meal costs which can be paid at the cashier which is the exit point of the hall.


There are also 6 stalls within the gourmet hall serving Okonomiyaki, ramen, sashimi and don, tofu soup, tempura don and pizza. There is also a Sora bar that serves desserts and beverages.


The gourmet hall is quite spacious with seating enough for approximately 300 diners and there are booth seating as well as singular table seating.


One of the stalls I visit quite often is Kuro Maguro that serves sashimi on rice. Their prices range from SGD 18 to SGD 30 depending on what you order.


The sashimi bowl has 3 types of fish and costs approximately SGD 18


The serving is not too big and the thickness of the fishes are not thick neither thin. The fish itself is fresh and tasty but I would have liked thicker slices of fish. The price point is also considered high for a gourmet hall since it is not exactly a restaurant and everything is self-serviced. However, bearing in mind this is located at an airport, it is expected to have higher prices than in the city.


One of the most popular stalls in the food hall is the Tendon Kohaku which sells all kinds of tempura don. The prices of the don are all below SGD 20 with a very generous amount of toppings


The tempura don has an abundance of ingredients like tempura fried prawn, fish, squid, chicken, mushroom, egg as well as long beans. The don is drizzled with sweet savoury sauce. The fried ingredients are much more than the rice in the bowl and are very delicious and crunchy to the bite.


One of my favourite stalls is this Tokyo Sundubu express which serves tofu in soup in a hot clay pot. There are different flavours of soup from miso, spicy, kimchi. There are also different toppings like pork, seafood, corn, oysters or mushrooms. The price ranges from SGD 17 onwards


One of my favourite pot is the tofu with pork in miso soup. The tofu is extremely soft and tasty and paired with the hot soup, it is the perfect meal to warm the stomach. This dish actually reminds me more of a Korean dish more than a Japanese dish. The pot also has meat and vegetables and mushrooms.

Overall, the prices at Sora Japan Gourmet Hall is on par with dining at a restaurant itself and some of the stalls do have restaurant-quality food so it is worth the price tag. The concept of self-service fast eating is pretty good for an airport as most travellers are looking at getting a quick meal before departing on their flights. This concept is so successful that they have opened the 2nd gourmet hall at Terminal 1 as well this year with different stalls.

Address: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, 60 Airport Boulevard #036-058/059 Singapore 819643

Operating hours: 10.30 am – 11 pm






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