Kailis Fish Market Cafe

Everyone has their own take on which restaurant serves the best fish and chip in Perth and our guide swears by Kailis as the best seafood restaurant with reasonable price. When the tour ended, we requested the guide to drop us off at Kailis for our lunch


Kailis has a parking lot for customers who drive so it is pretty convenient


There are outdoor seats which are right next to the jetty with a good view of the marina and some of the private boats. There are plenty of seagulls flying around so when you are eating outside, do be mindful of the birds


For those who prefer warmer seating can take the indoor seats as there are heaters indoor and once the doors are closed the wind is kept at bay, The indoor seats are very popular so it might be more difficult to find a table if you have a big group


The restaurant is split into 2 sections, the kitchen that handles all the fried food and another section that handles the fresh and grilled seafood. There is also a dessert and drinks counter serving coffee, desserts and alcohol.

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The fresh seafood section has a couple of huge chillers where you can choose fresh seafood which is sold by weight or buckets. There are also other marinated cold seafood starters which you can order


The oysters were very fresh but not as juicy as I would have prefered. It was also not as affordable as I thought.


The cold prawns were extremely fresh and succulent and the price for a bucket was also very affordable. The meat was very springy and the prawn is huge.


The seafood chowder here was very creamy and also has nice flavours. There were generous chunks of fish and mussels with chunky onions


Each grilled seafood came with a side salad as well as rice or fries. The grilled calamari was juicy and filled with natural flavours as there was minimal seasoning.


The garlic grilled prawns have a wonderful sauce that complemented the prawns and the fried very well. The prawns itself is juicy and succulent and the garlic sauce added a savoury layer of flavours


The grilled salmon and codfish was a little disappointing as it was quite dry and flaky. The fish served was also very thin in size so the meat juices dried out while it was cooking in the grill.


The dessert we ordered was fried bananas fritters with ice cream and this was totally awesome. The crust of the fritter was very thin with dense crispiness that coated the banana well. Combined with the ice cream, the dessert was the perfect ending to a satisfying meal.


Overall, the meal at Kailis was great and the seafood was generally fresh and tasty with the exception of the fish which was dry. The restaurant was very popular and constantly filled up with customers so it is normal to wait for 10 -1 5 mins for your meal to be ready. The entire restaurant is self serve so you have to order and collect your dishes at the counters although the servers will still help to clear your tables. The view outside facing the Marina is good but a bit chilly during winter. I would recommend visiting Kailis at least once when you are in Perth or Fremantle.

Address: 46 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Operating hours: 10 am to 8 pm






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