Yonemoto Coffee

There is so much to see at the outer market of Tsukiji that sometimes you need a place to take a rest and chill among the crowd. This is especially so when you are planning to eat at one of the popular restaurants, the wait to get into the restaurants is usually more than 30 mins to an hour at a minimum.


While there is a whole lot of sashimi restaurants around the area, there is one café that stood out with barrels of coffee beans placed at the entrance. The Yonemoto Coffee Café has been here since 1960 and have been opened to locals and tourists alike. They sell different kinds of beans from different countries to suit different tastes.


The café is very small yet very cosy and most of the seats are counter seats facing the servers. There are a few small table seats at the back of the café.


They serve different kinds of espresso, tea and blended drinks. One of the more popular ones among the local is their hand drip coffee. Other than drinks, they also sell some snacks and easy food like sandwiches.


The drinks are all very pretty and has strong coffee flavours but most of them are on the milky side and extremely sweet


The caramel coffee has thick cream and whipped cream as well with the same espresso coffee base. This is something the Japanese love a lot.



The mocha is also very milky

Overall, the coffee served here is from good quality beans and the taste is fragrant and nice. The style of coffee is however more on the sweet and creamy side which is the typical Japanese styled coffee drink. This café is a nice place to temporary rest your feet and also get out of the sun during summer. Complimentary water and WIFI is also provided for all customers.

Address: 4 Chome-11-1 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan

Operating hours: 5 am to 4 pm ( Closed on Sunday)

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