Gram Café & Pancakes Tokyo

After trying this in Hong Kong, we made sure we came and try the ones in Tokyo to have a comparison on the standards of the pancakes. There are multiple outlets within Tokyo so, in order to avoid a queue, we went to a more secluded location


The café is located on the 2nd floor of the building and there are chairs placed outside for customers to queue and wait for seats


The café has the menu pasted out at the corridor to help customers who are waiting to make their choices on what to order. Just like the outlet in Hong Kong, there are fixed timing for the special soufflé pancakes so the café will indicate on the menu outside if the pancakes are sold out during that timeslot.


The café is cosy and cheerful with spacious cushioned seats and table. There are also full view window bar seats which has high stools looking out into the street.


There are 2 toilets within the café and is separated into female and gents washroom. The bathroom itself is spacious and designed in a modern chic manner.


There are only 20 pancakes being served at 3 different time slots which are 11 am, 3 pm and 6 pm. 1 plate is sold at ¥1000 with a stack of 3 pancakes. There are also many other kinds of pancakes available as well as some savoury meals like salads and sandwiches.


The pancakes takes 20 mins to cook so our drinks were served first. The mocha drink is simple looking but quite flavourful.


There is quite a selection of tea which goes very well with the sweet desserts that they serve.


After 20 mins, the pancakes were finally served and as they were so good we ordered 2 plates for sharing

You can tell from the video how soft, fluffy and wiggly the pancake’s texture is compared to others. There is a good balance between the whites, yolk as well as the flour of the pancake. The pancake feels like air and cloud in your mouth and is extremely nice to eat. The butter, maple syrup and cream give the pancakes a sweeter taste.

As usual Gram does not disappoint and in fact is better than the ones at Hong Kong. Personally, I still feel this is the best soufflé pancake I have eaten so far with the exception of the one in Malaysia which had cheese in it. This is definitely well worth the calories.

Address: 2F, Urban Cube Kudanminhami, 3-7-10, Kudanminami, Chiyodaku, Tokyo-to

Operating hours: 11 am to 8 pm Last order 7 pm ( Closed on Monday)




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