Hoshino Coffee Amu Plaza

Amu Plaza is a shopping mall directly connected to the Hakata train station and bus station and there are loads of eatery as well as shops selling local Japanese brands. We were looking for a coffee place when we wondered around Amu Plaza and found Hoshino Coffee. Hoshino Coffee is a Japanese café that serves French and Japanese fusion cuisine and is very popular with locals.


The café is decorated in a up class posh manner with leather sofas, chandeliers and vintage table lamps.


There are booth seating which caters to groups who like a more private table as well as the tables which is in closer proximity to other tables


Their dishes are mostly French inspired Japanese dishes like curry rice or omelette rice and salads. They also have many interesting desserts and beverages


A drink I highly recommend is this fruit tea which has fresh fruits soaking in red tea. It is refreshing and with a sweetness that is very balanced


The same drink also comes in cold version where instead of a pot, you will be served a pitcher filled with ice


The original pancake comes with maple syrup and a dollop of cream. The pancake itself has the texture of a chiffon cake but slightly stiffer and the taste is very light so the syrup complements the cake very well.


The tiramisu version comes with very heavy chocolate sauce, a dollop of  cocoa cream and white cream. This version is quite disappointing as the pancake itself is not tiramisu flavoured so only the sauce has slight tiramisu flavours


The best item we ordered was this vanilla soufflé with custard sauce baked in a pot. The texture of the soufflé was very light and airy with crispy crust at the top. The soufflé is also lightly dusted with sugar at the top which gives it an extra crunch.

Overall, Hoshino Coffee has a very nice atmosphere and is a good place to catch up with friends over their drinks which is really nice and desserts which are ok.

Address: Japan, 〒802-0001 Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Kokurakita Ward, 1, 小倉北区浅野1丁目1−1

Operating hours: 10 am to 10 pm

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