Sukesan Udon Uomachiten

There are plenty of food options in Hakata and it might be difficult to make a choice but when you are not sure what to choose; udon noodles is always a comforting dish to have especially when the temperature is cool. We were walking around our hotel when we spotted this restaurant which seems to be pretty popular with the locals


The restaurant serves udon noodles as their main dish but also has other rice bowl and Japanese dishes. There is an entire section for individual diners as well as tables for groups. Most regulars take the individual seats and once seated the servers will come over to take your orders


The table for group sitting had a space under the table for customers to store their bags and belongings


Most of the items on the menu is below ¥1,000 and is very affordable. We did not ask them for an English menu as most of the menu has pictorial representation


They also serve oden in the restaurant and you can choose the items in your oden by the kitchen counter. The oden is sold by a per piece price ranging from ¥100 to ¥200. Oden is basically items like radish, fish cake, spring roll and other items cooked in a light broth and enjoyed as a snack. You can find it being sold in most convenience stores in Japan.


There are a couple of very interesting toppings and seasoning placed on the table. Like this item that looks like fish flakes which we see many locals adding to their noodles. Since we were not having udon noodles, we did not try this.


There was also a pot of extra fried crisp for customers to add to their udon


This is the oden we ordered which is something I always have in whenever I am in Japan as they are so affordable. The items are very simple but when cooked with the light soy broth, it is very flavourful and savoury


The tempura bowl was served in a small bowl but was very filling. There was fried fish, prawns as well as vegetables and a drizzle of sauce. All the items are fried to perfect crispiness and tasted freshly fried but not oily


The chicken katsu rice bowl with eggs had a fantastic visual and tasted great as well. The meat was fried but still tender and the poached egg with runny yolk coats the meat and the rice perfectly. Each rice bowl has a small bowl of soup provided as well


Some of the other condiments provided includes pickled radish which was so good we almost finished the entire container. There was also chili pepper, toothpicks as well as iced water all provided complimentary


At the exit of the restaurant, the also have a fridge that sells some of their food items for take away or cooking at home like their radish, sushi maki rolls as well as some of their sauces as well.

Overall, this is restaurant gives off a friendly neighbourhood vibe with many locals coming here for dinner. The servers are all ladies with age so they are polite but no exactly foreign friendly as they spoke very little English. There was no issue as we managed to order by just pointing to items. The meal was considered quite affordable and the best part is that it is open 24 hours so you can pop over anytime you feel hungry

Address: 2 Chome-6-1 Uomachi, Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka 802-0006, Japan

Operating hours: 24 hours



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