Toyota Rent a Car

Japan is huge and to get around different place of interest, it is more convenient to rent a car for tourists. As a major car manufacturer, there are many Japanese car rental companies throughout the nation which is more popular than the usual American car rental companies. We pre-booked our vehicle on their website before our trip.


Once you exit the customs, the Toyota Rent a Car counter is located on the extreme left side of the arrival hall. It is the corner units from a row of money changer and car rental companies. The registration is fairly easy and once you are done the staff will direct you to the shuttle bus pick up point which is outside the terminal but on the far right of the terminal next to a police post


The shuttle bus will take you to the main center where you do a further registration and payment. The ride takes about 5 mins as it is very near to the terminal itself.


The rental center is spacious with up to 4 service counter to handle all their customers


There is also a waiting area to wait for available counter and a washroom for customers who need to freshen up after a long flight.

20190427_094311.jpgYou can get maps for Fukuoka as well as coupons for use in major duty free stores in Japan


Important instructions were clearly marked out at the counter like the color of the gas refill at petrol stations since it might differ from other countries


The staff also gave very clear instructions on the preferred routes to take for the venues we are visiting and also provides very good advice on ETC package and payment we should get for the car pertaining to our itinerary. ETC is the Japanese highway toll system and every car rental comes with an ETC card that enables you to quickly drive through the tolls. The total amount used will be billed to you at the end of the rental

Overall, the service and experience at Toyota Car Rental was top notch, from the booking to the pick up and the entire registration process. As tourists, you feel entirely reassured with the service of the rental company to provide you assistance in times of need

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