Luke’s Lobster

In recent years lobster cuisine has become increasingly popular as it gets more affordable. In the past, lobster used to be a dish only found in fine dining restaurants. Today, there are takeaway outlets and general family restaurants that offers lobster dishes at pretty reasonable prices. One such outlet which got really popular is Burger and Lobster. Another chain gaining popularity is Luke’s Lobster with outlets in the United States, Japan and Taiwan.


Luke’s Lobster in Fukuoka is located within Parco mall and is surprising empty unlike the outlet in Tokyo with long queues. They have a few kinds of lobster rolls, crab rolls as well as shrimp rolls and sandwiches as well as fries, soup and drinks.


The counter to order is separately from the collection even though they are next to one another. The staff can speak basic English and can easily take your orders.


The collection is by the Pick Up counter where you can see the staff cooking in the kitchen. There is no call number or tag but instead the staff calls the customers based on face /order recognition so it is good to check at the counter after 10 to 15 mins.


There are benches and small tables placed at the side for customers to wait for their orders to be ready as well as eat their meals although the majority of customers order take outs.


All the food is served in these brown boxes. We ordered 2 different types of lobster roll as well as 1 sandwich to try what they had in their menu.


The regular lobster roll has huge chunks of lobster meat in mayonnaise, lemon butter and special seasoning. The buns are lightly buttered and grilled till the surface is slightly crispy. The lobster meat itself is huge, fresh and juicy. Personally, I would have liked it to have more sauce as the whole roll was a bit dry with the bread roll. The taste is quite light.


The special Fukuoka edition was the Mentaiko sauce lobster roll which has Mentaiko Mayonnaise and seaweed as topping on top of the regular roll. The top is slightly torched to give it a light burned flavour complementing the Mentaiko mayonnaise. I personally liked this version better as it was more creamy compared to the original one. The taste is more Japanese compared to the original one.


We also had the crab grilled cheese sandwich which was quite disappointing frankly. The bread was quite soggy and the cheese was not exactly melted. The crab meat was also little if you compared it to the rolls. The taste of the sandwich was quite bland. To be fair to them, I tried the sandwich only after trying the rolls so it could have dried out a little.

Overall, Luke’s lobster taste was disappointing to me as I had high expectations from all the reviews and the other ones I had so far would fair better on my list. But if you are a crazy lobster fan, it is still worth giving it a try as the taste is not exactly bad but it is just not up to my expectation.

Address: 2 Chome-11-1 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, 810-0001, Japan

Operating hours: 11 am to 8 pm



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