Royal Carribean Cruise

In my life, I have been on many cruise ship for holidays from Royal Carribean, Princess cruises, Dream Cruises and Costa Cruises. One of the cruise company I go on a holiday with is the Royal Carribean Cruises which has a huge fleet of ships from smaller ships to bigger ships. This is one of smaller ship; the Legend of the Seas which has basic facilities unlike one of the bigger fleets which has incredible facilities.


The corridors of the ship is long and well maintained with carpeting to prevent noise when people run around so you can have a good rest in the cabin

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The room size is pretty comfortable for a twin sharing where a queen sized bed occupies most of the space in the room. There is a desk for people to do their makeup as well as a 2 seater sofa, a small TV, a moderate sized wardrobe and plenty of cupboard for storage spaces. The bathroom is small in size with a standing shower cubicle and a small standing area for the wash basin and toilet.

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One of the main restaurant is the one located at the top level serving buffet food during all 3 meals. The restaurant is huge with full view of the sea from the front and the back of the restaurant. The table seating here is free seating so you will have to grab a table and seat yourself. Desserts like frozen soft serve is available at the deck


The casino only operates when the ship leaves the dock so that is when you are allowed to take pictures throughout the casino.


There is a compulsory emergency exercise for all passengers and is carried out at the different escape stations. The exercise last for about 20 mins before the captain prepares for setting sail.

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Dinner is served at the grand restaurant which is decorated like a nice posh western restaurant complete with the grand staircase, piano, crystal chandelier and live classical instruments. Dinner is served as a 4 course meal with selection on every single course. If you need more, you can order a particular dish again and the server will gladly bring it to you.

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Every night there is different performances at the grand theatre with 2 performance timing to cater to the 2 different dinner crowd.


The pool is open till late at night but closes at around 11 pm for cleaning

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Breakfast is served only at the buffet restaurant and is available on a first come first served basis. Although breakfast is served tilled 11 am, most items will be out of stock and only some basic items will be left. You can find the usual bacon, eggs, toasts as well as some hot porridge options.

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Every time we went back to our room we received a surprise with towel animals the staff left in our room

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Some of the other facilities on board includes a full length rock climbing wall, mini golf, games arcade, jacuzzi, spa, hair salon, table tennis tables, child care center, computer room, library, clinic as well as stores selling clothes and souvenirs.


If you are too tired to go to the restaurant, you can pre-order breakfast the night before for the staff to bring it to your room in the morning. While the service is available, there is only 1 serving of breakfast being served but if you are a small eater, this is more than sufficient as you can eat in the comfort of your room.

Overall, the experience on Royal Carribean cruise ship is very relaxing and comfortable and the service is mostly prompt although there is the odd lapse in service when it gets over crowded with guests. The rooms are generally serviced and cleaned well daily and the food standards are also generally fine. For better food, you can also visit some of the premium restaurants where you can pay for the food. A cruise vacation is a thoughtless vacation as you do not need to plan anything except for your suitcase since everything is all inclusive you just need to board and enjoy yourself

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