Fu Lin Tofu House

Everyone loves a good Yong Tau Foo which is stuffed bean curd with minced meat or fish meat. Yong tau foo originated as a Hakka dish where bean curd is stuffed with minced meat and salted fish and deep fried before cooking it again in soy bean sauce. Yong tau foo has since evolved into 2 main kinds; the one with soup or the dry one which is closer to the original kind.


Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo serves the dry kind of yong tau foo together with either rice or rice vermicelli. Nestled in the Siglap area where there are many dining outlets, Fu Lin is unpretentious with its non air conditioned coffee shop store.


There are plenty of awards, reviews and accolades for Fu Lin from the local media


They even made it to the CEO’s choice on business times.


As with all yong tau foo, you can pick your items from the food bar which is pretty substantial in variety in the Fu Lin stall. You can pick from both fried or non fried items.


You can pass on your items to the counter who will also collect the payment for the items.


You can also add on other orders like fish ball soup and vegetable platter for sharing.


The fish ball soup is pretty general with 6 fish ball in one serving and some vegetables. The fish ball is springy enough with a good mix of fish and flour.


The vegetable platter serving is quite pathetic in my opinion and is basically blanched vegetables topped with the same yong tau foo sauce.


All of the items are cut into bite size and either re-fried or cooked before adding the savoury bean paste sauce. Most of the items are freshly made and taste good with the thick gravy.


You can choose the rice vermicelli in meat gravy or rice to complement your yong tai foo.  In my opinion, the meat gravy was very palatable and I could eat the bowl of noodles on its own without the main yong tau foo as it tasted so good.  It kind of reminded me of the dry beef noodles which has thick and savoury gravy.

Overall, Fu Lin has great food with balanced flavours and addictive gravy and the price tag is also very affordable.

Note: Google records the name of the Siglap outlet as Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuen

Address: 721 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459070

Operating hours: 9 am to 9 pm

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