Restoran Hokka Recipe

Kluang is mostly populated by Hakka people and it is not a surprise to find many Hakka restaurants in the small town. Restoran Hokka Recipe is a small restaurant popular with the locals and many come here for family lunches and dinners.


The restaurant is very simple with minimal decorations or set up and can cater up to 10 tables; approximately 100 pax.


All the dishes are pretty simple but yet flavourful and healthy like this fried chopped vegetable with egg. The vegetable is chopped quite finely and stir fry with eggs and light soy sauce. The flavours were simple like a home cooked meal


The hot plate bean curd was deep fried before placed on the hot plate and drizzled with brown bean sauce, minced meat and mushrooms.  The bean curd was smooth and soft with nice egg flavour and the meat and mushroom bean sauce complemented the otherwise bland bean curd.


This chunky sweet and sour pork ribs is very savoury and sweet and super extremely huge. The usual pork ribs are small but the ones served here are chopped into huge chunks which will make any dog wag its tail in happiness. While we are not dogs, this plate of pork ribs still brings a small to the face except do be prepared to get your hands dirty as it taste so much better grabbing it with your hands.


The sweet and sour fish fillet served in nice crispy slices with a golden brown batter coated with sweet and sour sauce cooked with tomatoes, cucumber and pineapple. The balance of the sweet and sour from the fruits really balances out the dish from the oiliness of the deep fried batter.


The minced meat omelette was fluffy and the surface was nicely pan fried till golden brown. The taste was basic with no surprise


Again, we had to eat the blanched chicken with light sauce as the chicken you get in Malaysia is so natural and flavourful with good chicken flavours unlike the chicken in Singapore where the meat is generally bland and tasteless.

Overall, the food at Hokka is not Michelin standards but nice and comforting enough like a simple home cooked meal which is the basics of Hakka meals.

Address: 28, Jalan Mohd Ngalim, Taman Kluang Baru, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm




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