In the past, when you talk about neighbourhood malls, the only food options you get is probably food courts, fast food outlets and at the most you get a Starbucks or Coffee and Beans outlet. These days neighbourhood malls have totally revamp and house many interesting cafes and restaurant outlets that you are simple spoilt for choice.


Ambush is a café at the extended wing of Junction 8 combing typical European cuisine with casual dining. The restaurant is an open concept layout where shoppers walking past can also look into the café and diners can also see the things happening around the area.


The menu is like a paper print magazine with very pretty and appetizing pictures of their signature menus. Their lunch menu set is also very popular with students with their affordable price tag.


Ice water is free flow but self serviced at the small counters throughout the restaurant


Their cakes and desserts are also showcased at the front counter


The soup of the day was tomato soup which was creamy and rich with chunks of diced onions.  Although the taste of the tomato is a little weak, the taste of the soup between milky, sweet and sour is quite well balanced. The soup also comes with a healthy oat bread roll which was warm when served.


The Asian salad had spinach leaves, peach, tomatoes, walnuts, onions and drizzled with balsamic vinegar sauce. The combination of the salad is great with the crunchy texture from the walnuts, sweet and tangy flavours from the peach and tomatoes and the fresh taste of the spinach leaves. The serving was also just nice for 1 person.


They had very interesting snacks and light bites like this escargot in burnt butter sauce and spicy vongoles at a price point of less than SGD 8 . The escargots were pretty small and shrunk in size after cooking therefore is pretty dry in taste. The dry burnt butter sauce did not manage to provide the juiciness needed for the snails. The toppings on top also tasted a lot like fried shallots so overall, I feel that the dish is too dry and did not bring out the nice texture of the snails.

Overall, the food is pretty general and nothing too jaw dropping or special but it is a nice place that offers casual European dining to young students and even neighbourhood residents who do not wish to spend too much on an exquisite European meal.

Address: Junction 8, 9 Bishan Pl, Singapore 579837

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm



Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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