Level Up

I seldom get to hang out for drinks since I am not really a drinker so I am not really updated about the local club and bar scene. Recently, during a farewell session I was introduced to this bar with an interesting concept as the rest of the beer brewery places were all packed.


Level Up is tucked away on the 2nd floor of one of the Clarke Quay buildings and if you do not know anything about Level Up, you will find the entrance kind of kiddish with cartoon graffiti painted all over the entrance walls.


The layout of Level is pretty mixed up with a section of high tables and chairs giving off the vibe of a outdoor al fresco drinking hole as well as some corners looking like a posh drinking club with leather sofas and seats.


The main stage area that faces the seating area has a led lighted DJ console who has a DJ that plays in every 30 mins interval and a local band that sings during those intervals.


The fun part of Level up are these machines located in every crook and cranny of the bar.


In fact, this is the unique concept of Level Up as the one and only arcade bar in Singapore where you can find many old school arcade machines tucked away in different areas of the bar.


Whenever you purchase any drinks, you will be given some complimentary arcade coins where you can use to play at the machines.


The coins are unique with the Level Up logo so you can also keep them as a souvenir.


Most of the games require at least 2 coins to play 1 game except this super old street fighter game which can be played on 1 coin. For customers who prefer other types of games, there are also claw machines, darts machines as well as some cards machine. There is basically a machine for every kind of gamer.


They run promotions for their beer tower every Friday and they also have a variety of drinks like cider and soft drinks for those who do not drink.

Overall, I think this is an extremely smart concept since most bars with live bands is too noisy for a good conversation and some customers in group who doesn’t drink so much can spend their time playing some of the games with the free token coin given. Basically, this is great for large group gatherings since it has many things to occupy and spend your time together for a great bonding session.

Address: 3A River Valley Road #02-04, 179020

Operating hours: 5 pm to 2 am


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