Wong Mei Kee

Finally a post about the best roast pork in Singapore and Malaysia. This might sound like a tall hat to give to one single stall but after being their regular customer for many years, I still feel that this statement holds true. I was first introduced to this stall by an ex colleague who worked in Kuala Lumpur for a short time in the early 2000s. We were told that this stall is so popular that the roast pork gets sold out in 3 hours.


The Wong Mei Kee stall is located around Jalan Pudu area in one of the shophouses. Wong Mei Kee is the only stall in the entire coffeeshop which has both internal and external table and seating.


Most of the time, we arrive earlier than the opening time in order to snag a seat and many locals start arriving around 12 – 12.30 pm. There is no table number but the servers all know every table’s orders in their mind.


There is a huge sign indicating the time when they will start to serve and that is when the roast pork is out of the oven at 12.30 pm.


Just above the small stall, you can find their signboard which states that there is only one Wong Mei Kee outlet and no other franchise to prevent fraud stalls using their names. There is a simple pricing table stating the cost of each meat item by weight or quantity. Roast chicken costs MYR 60 for 1 chicken and MYR 30 for half a chicken. The roast pork is considered expensive at 1KG MYR 110, 600 grams MYR 73 or 1 length at MYR 17(serving for 1 person). There is no order pricing for individual orders with rice.


You can see the countless awards as well as editorial write ups for the stall pasted all over.


Complimentary soup is available for all customers but the soup is self service at the back of the coffeeshop in a huge pot. Clean bowls are provided at the side and once the soup runs out, it is hardly refilled so only the early bird will get the soup.


Instead of usual plain chicken soup, Wong Mei Kee serves proper soup like old cucumber soup cooked with chicken bones or sometimes even dry vegetable soup. The soup is very clear and savoury but it does not have any overwhelming MSG so it is a great way to accompany the dry meal.


This is taken at 12.30pm and you can see that all seats are almost filled up in a matter of 30 mins. Just before they start serving, this lady who takes orders will go around the tables and take everyone’s orders in Malay and Cantonese or even simple English.



The roast pork might look normal at first sight but trust me, normal it is not. I have a friend who doesn’t eat roast pork until we introduced her to this stall. The top skin is so crispy you can hear each crunch in your mouth. The meat is so tender and flavourful with a middle layer of fats which has been roasted so well that it melts in your mouth. Instead of tasting fatty meat, you have a combination of crispy skin, savoury meat and warm liquid fats all exploding in your mouth. There is definitely no oily feeling as long as the roast pork is warm. I have tasted the roast pork cold and while it still tasted great, the fatty part was a little more obvious.


The roast chicken has very nice brown skin with deep umami flavours while the meat was very soft and tender. While the chicken taste good as well, it is not the bomb like the roast pork.

Overall, this is the best roast pork stall for me in Singapore and Malaysia and going there as early as 12 pm just to wait 30 mins for this plate of sinful meat is very well worth it. For once a year, I forget about calories and make sure I satisfy my cravings for the roast pork. Try it and you will know why despite the price tag, many locals specially drive here just to eat at this stall.

Address: 30, Jalan Nyonya, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: 12.30 pm to 3 pm





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