Ginger Restaurant

Feasting during the weekends is one of the favourite past times of Singaporeans. To attract customers, many hotels try to differentiate themselves with a special buffet offering.

Ginger restaurant is the resident cafe and restaurant located in ParkRoyal Service Suites at Beach Road. The restaurant serves breakfast buffet for their guest as well as a la carte meals and buffet dinner for hotel guests and other customers

The restaurant itself is spacious and huge with many seating with the main buffet line in the center

The buffet line serves a varied offering of cooked warm dishes like stir fry vegetables, spanish pork casserole and spanish paella

The special dish offered by the hotel as a differentiator is Singapore chilli crab and black pepper crab. These 2 dishes are often empty and the chef needs to make multiple refills

There is also the usual cold seafood on ice with clams, mussels, prawns and alaskan crab legs

There is a few stations serving local favourites like satay, prawn noodles and prata.

There was also a station with fresh mini lobster served with french lobster broth

The cold seafood was very fresh and the size of the prawns were also fairly huge. The alaskan crab legs were meaty and juicy.

The chilli crab were of medium sized with the shells pre-broken. There were also side servings of fried buns to dip in the sauce. The crabs were fresh and juicy although the gravy is abit too bland and not flavourful enough.

They had a rojak station which I totally love as you can customise the ingredients you have and the amount of rojak sauce and peanuts. The rojak sauce was very flavourful and very tasty while the ingtedients are crunchy and juicy

The satay was not too bad as well with a thick and creamy peanut gravy.

The prawn noodles if quite flavourful with a light broth but is a good dish to wash down the oily food. I would have preferred a heavier flavoured broth personally

The dessert spread was quite wide with cakes, ice cream, hot and cold dessert as well as coffee and tea stations. All of the desserts was overly sweet for me.

Overall, the food at Ginger was mediocre. The lobster bisque was overly salty, desserts overly sweet or some other dishes just bland. The service was also slightly slow in clearing plates and topping up drinking water.

There are however some saving grace in their crabs, fresh seafood as well as the local delights. For the price, I will not return again.

Address: 7500A Beach Rd, The Plaza, Singapore 199591

Operating hours: 6am to 12am

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