Black Society

Holidays are the best days for dim sum as you sleep in and get up just in time for brunch. Instead of the usual chinese restaurants, you can visit Black Society for a modern Chinese twist


Unlike the usual Chinese restaurants, Black society is furnished entirely in black and dark wood. The restaurant is huge and many tables are available with some having a fantastic view of Sentosa.

Black society serves dim sum till noon and other chinese dishes from noon till dinner. The dim sum in their menu is slightly different from the usual as they incorporate some modern twist in each dish

Every dim sum always start from congee and the consistency of the congee is always a telling sign if the congee will be good. The congee here is thick and smooth with light seasoning. The crispy fried dough is placed into another bowl to retain the crispiness. When paired with the congee, the fried dough provided a nice texture combination.


Some of the more special dim sum includes this fried dough wrapped in steamed rice roll. This is very common in most Hong Kong restaurants but the sauce here is quite unique with a mild sweet and spicy sauce. The fried dough is very crispy while the rice roll is soft and light.


This next dish is quite a modern take on dim sum; breaded prawn roll sandwich which is mashed prawn meat spread on toast and deep fried. The result is a juicy and huge piece of prawn patty with a crispy toast. The dish comes with a mayonnaise dip which adds an additional layer of creamy texture to the dish.


The usual pan fried bun comes with a piece of pork patty but this version has minced pork with salted vegetable which is a staple dish for the Hakka dialect. The soft bun is flavoured by the salted vegetable and pork and the fillings remains juicy and succulent.


Now to the desserts and sweet dim sums like this lava custard bun which is available almost everywhere now. The lava custard bun here is quite legit with the custard very smooth and flowy once you bite into the bun. The custard filling has a good mix between sweet and salty of the salted egg yolk.


The egg tart here comes in small mini sizes and instead of the usual egg coloured filling, you will find that the egg custard middle is more of the white colour. The pastry itself is made from a few layers and is crumbly and crispy at the same time. The centre taste of a strong milk taste compared to the normal egg tarts.


Lastly, the limited edition dessert here is the steamed papaya milk with snow fungus and almond. The dessert is lightly sugared as the natural sweetness of the papaya is infused into the dessert and the almond and snow fungus is cooked till soft. The papaya meat can also be scrapped and consumed and it is extremely soft and smooth after the steaming process.

Overall, Black Society has some dishes which are good and others which are not so memorable. The price is slightly higher than normal and the service is friendly but not efficient. It takes them very long to notice our table requesting for menu, orders or even the bill.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-156/157 VivoCity, 098585

Operating hours: 11 am to 9.30 pm

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