The Landing Point

It’s finally Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! By now, it is almost coming to an end and everyone will be looking forward to spending boxing day with your family. For those who are not working, you can check out the next place for high tea or who those still hanging out tonight, you can hop on over for some light night snacks and drinks. The landing point is the lobby bar at Fullerton Bay Hotel.


The bar is located at the first level of the hotel right in the centre with a ceiling height glass window panel facing out to the Marina Bay area. The lounge is filled with huge comfy lounge sofas.



The tables by the windows are all high chairs and high table but has a fantastic view. The entire environment is very cosy and comfortable for chit chats or just chilling out.


The menu boasts a long list of teas and coffees and also offers sunset high tea unlike usual high tea sets which are offered till 5 pm only. The sunset high tea set here is offered till 10 pm.


If you are just interested in light snacks, you can try the vegetable sticks with pita bread and guacamole which is very refreshing and light even taken late at night. The guacamole was very smooth and delicious when paired with the pita bread.


The truffle fries was quite a disappointment with a small serving and hardly any truffle taste. The only redeeming factor is that the fries are crispy and not too oily.


The tea served is very fragrant and sweet and goes well as a light beverage for the night

The lounge is very nice to lounge around with friends and family and has live music performance throughout the night with a pretty good vocal artiste and pianist.

Address: 80 Collyer Quay, 049326

Operating hours: 9 am to 12 am



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