Jumbo Seafood at Dempsey

It’s Christmas Eve and just 2 more hours to Christmas! Inject some local flavours into your Christmas eve dinner instead of the roast turkey and honey ham and have some Chilli crab with your family. Jumbo is known to have the best chilli crab in Singapore by votes that even Gordan Ramsay came and compete cooking with their chef.


The outlet at Dempsey has both indoor and outdoor seating with the majority being outdoor so if you wish to sit indoor, do make an early booking.


Other than crab cooked in many styles like chilli, black pepper, butter, steamed and many others. Jumbo serves many other traditional Chinese dishes to suit all palates. In fact, Jumbo is a popular place to bring foreign guests.


This dish is scallops wrapped in mashed yam and fried in crispy batter. The scallop is fresh and sweet while the yam is very smooth and creamy with very crispy skin. The combination of the yam and scallops went very well and is a delightful dish.


The salty egg yolk prawns is a popular dish with giant succulent prawns which are crunchy with a light crispy batter coated with salted egg yolk sauce. The prawns were nicely and evenly coated so every part of the prawn has sauce but is not soggy.


This is a very traditional dish amongst Chinese restaurants and is called Golden Phoenix chicken where the chicken bones are removed and the meat mixed with springy squid meat and flattened into the chicken skin before putting it to roast till crispy. The result is a thin springy layer of meat with crispy chicken skin.


The cod fish is steamed with a very traditional salted pickled vegetable which has a sweet and salty taste. Add garlic, onions and chilli, the fresh creamy cod fish is topped with a sweet and savoury light sauce which complements the fish totally.


The seafood fried rice is very fragrant with huge pieces of prawns, squid and fish with egg fried evenly throughout each grain of rice. Paired with shreds of cabbage which provided a very crunchy texture to the rice.


The star of the show is the chilli crab which is about 800grams per crab. The famous sauce has a sweet and eggy taste to it with a spicy kick. The fragrant sauce brings out the sweetness of the flesh of the crab. The crab is sweet, fleshy and fresh with nice meat texture.


The best way to finish up the nice gravy of the chilli crab is with fried mantou which is a kind of fried Chinese flour bread. The bread is fried till crispy with a soft inside which soaks up the sauce of the chilli crab completely. This is a dish which won over many foreigners who try it the first time and there are customers who even order just the sauce and the mantou for take out.

Overall, Jumbo is considered a more upscale Chinese restaurant serving very good quality dishes. The price is on the high side but is very suitable for big family gatherings and is a place everyone would bring tourist to taste the famous chilli crab.

Address: 11 Dempsey Rd, #01-16 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249673

Operating hours: 12 pm to 3 pm and 5.30 pm to 11.30 pm


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