Chuan Kee Seafood Restaurant

2 more days to Christmas and while many are planning their big Christmas dinners and party, for those who do not celebrate Christmas, fret not as you can still spend good quality time with your family during the public holidays. Fish hotpot is something most Chinese restaurants offer and to find a good one is not easy. Chuan Kee Seafood restaurant is a restaurant located within the JTC factory offices at Bukit Merah.


Chuan Kee is a traditional stir fry Chinese restaurant which serves general dishes like fried noodles and rice as well as other Chinese dishes. Located in a JTC factory, there is plenty of parking lots for customers dining at the restaurant. Some of the tables transform in the evening with a lazy Susan to catering to more dishes for the dinner crowd.


Chuan Kee occupies only 1 stall from the row of food stalls within the canteen space. Since it is housed within a canteen, there is no air conditioning and can get a bit warm. Chuan Kee has huge tanks put up at the side for the fresh catch they sell daily.  


Although they are famous for fish hot pot, they also serve a huge variety of Chinese dishes like this marmite chicken chunks. As a marmite fan, this dish is something I will always order. The style of the chicken is similar to the sweet and sour pork but instead of sweet and sour sauce coating the meat, the sauce is cooked with marmite to give it a sweet and salty taste. The serving size was quite small and the price is generally higher than other stalls. The meat is also slightly tough.


This emerald bean curd dish was commonly served in big Chinese restaurant but have become quite common in your stir fry restaurants as well. The bean curd is fried and coated with spinach vegetables on the top before steamed with a savoury mushroom and oyster sauce. The bean curd was very smooth and fragrant and this dish was quite a highlight.


The fish hot pot here is priced quite competitively with other stalls and there are 3 kinds of fish for choice. The cheapest was at SGD 32 with fresh black fish slices. The fish slices were served nicely on a ice platter to ensure the fish stays fresh while you slowly cook them in the hot pot. You can choose an entire fish to be weighed and sliced for your hot pot as well and the price is based on market rate.


The hot pot itself came with plenty of Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, seaweed, fried yam as well as fried onions and salted fish. The soup was thick and flavourful and as you cook your fish, the soup becomes even sweeter. There is generally not much msg being used as we drank bowls of soup but was not plagued by thirstiness.

As long as you dine at Chuan Kee, you can even grab a free ice cream from their ice cream fridge but the only rule they have for the free dessert is that diners need to consume it within the store and not bring them home.  Overall, this is a great place to bring your family if you do not mind dining in a non air conditioned environment.

Address: 1091A Lower Delta Rd, Singapore 169207

Operating hours: 10 am to 10 pm ( till 2am on Fri,Sat and Sun)



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