A One Claypot

It’s 2 days after Christmas and if you are feeling all bloated and full from all the festive feasting, it is time to eat something light and less taxing on the stomach. A One Clay pot has many outlets in many malls serving clay pot porridge and congee with other Chinese dishes. The outlet at Tiong Bahru Plaza is located at the extended dining area of the mall.

The outlet has a few famous signature dishes which includes their home made bean curd, clay pot congee and steamed fish. The lighted signboard shows some of the more popular dishes.

The outlet is not huge with only 10 to 20 seating for the capacity of 40 guests. There is also 2 other bigger round tables catering to bigger families.

There are at least 6 or more kinds of clay pot congee with different types of toppings and ingredients.

The traditional Chinese tea is served in this modern glass pot with a dainty double walled cup which keeps the tea warm but yet does not burn your hands.

We ordered the crispy fried cod fish as it was on promotion and we did not have much expectations since it was a promotional item. However, we had a pleasant surprise as the fish was very fresh and the crispy batter was very thin and the sauce is light and savoury.

The deep fried prawn dumpling has a crispy batter and is fried till golden brown. The filling inside includes minced prawns, pork and other chopped vegetables. The result is a very dumpling with a crunchy outside and a soft juicy inside.

The shredded pork with century egg congee was very smooth with a creamy texture. The congee is kept hot throughout the meal in the heated clay pot. The flavours were savoury but light so it is not over powering.

Some of the congee like this mixed porridge has crispy fried dough as a topping as well. The mixed porridge has peanuts, cuttlefish, meat, eggs as well as fish. The congee texture is consistent throughout all the different congee and only the toppings are different.

For dessert, we had the custard lava bun which is commonly found in other restaurants. The only difference here at A One clay pot is that the bun is deep fried instead of steamed. The fried bun had a crispy texture with a flowy custard salted egg yolk centre.

Overall, A One serves very simple yet delightful dishes for a simple meal out suitable for the whole family.

Address: 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #02-134 Tiong Bahru Plaza, Singapore 168732

Operating hours: 10.30 am to 10 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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