Cin Cin Restaurant

One of the more established and bigger restaurant in Kluang, it is also one of the more up class and spacious restaurants where many people choose to hold their wedding or birthday celebrations.


Cin Cin used to be located in the centre of the town in a smaller 2 unit shop house but has since shifted to an entire low rise building with their own basement parking lots and plenty of private dining rooms.


One of the most famous dish of Cin Cin restaurant is the fried fish with fruits. The fish is fried to golden brown with fresh fruits and cucumber as the sauce and topping. The sauce is tangy and complements the oil from the fish very well. My only point is that the sauce is too watery.


The Mongolian pork ribs is a great surprise with strong coffee taste and yet a sweet bite. The sauce is also nicely coated on the ribs which has been lightly fried beforehand. This dish taste very balance unlike some others which is either too sweet or bitter.


Their signature bean curd came with a thick earthy sauce with broccoli and mushrooms. The bean curd was fried to golden brown fragrance but still soft and smooth inside.


The qing long vegetable with bean sprouts was quite general but they were not over fried so there is still a good crunch to the vegetable. Personally, this was quite over priced.


This fried bee hoon dish is exclusively available only in Malaysia. You can find it in JB or maybe in KL as well. The bee hoon is fried before the seafood gravy is poured on top of the fried bee hoon. The mix of the slightly crispy noodles and the gravy together was perfect.


The dark sauce noodles was quite mediocre but still better than some of the fried noodles in Singapore


The fried rice has quite good wok hei and the flavours were quite nice. Nothing too special as well.

Overall, Cin Cin has a few nice dishes and a few generic dishes and is a good place for celebrations with the huge space.

Address: 91 Jalan Yap Tau Sah, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 10.30 am to 10.00 pm

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