Hainan Street Steamboat

It’s Sunday again and what best way but to spend quality time for family dinner gatherings and one of the best way to do this is to have a steamboat buffet. I walked past this place for a few times and finally had the chance to bring my family here to try out the food.


This restaurant serves steamboat buffet with Hainanese Chicken Rice for only under SGD 30 per person and is located at basement 1 of Chinatown Point.


The restaurant is quite spacious with huge round tables for families like ours as well as smaller square tables for smaller groups. The entire place is brightly lit with pretty bird cage lightings.


The vegetables and ready items like luncheon meat, sausage, enoki mushrooms are all available for self service at the counter at the back of the restaurant.


There is also a drinks dispenser and ice cream cooler where you can get your refillable drinks and ice cream after meals.


You can order the ingredients via the order sheet given to you for the buffet. Each buffet paying customer can order 1 order of either a Hainanese Chicken rice or Hainanese Pork cutlet or Hainanese Satay. The chicken is extremely tender and flavourful and for a free item, the plate is quite generous with their meat.


Hainanese Chicken rice is not complete without the greasy but fragrant rice


The ingredients arrive as per ordered and is quite fresh but compared to the ones at the other steamboat restaurants, the meat here is visibly the lower grade cut and is more like the roughly cut meat used for chicken stir fry instead of the thinly sliced ones.


The prawns are quite general in size and considered still fresh.


The only thing is unlike other steamboat buffet, this restaurant provides sea cucumber as one of the items which is refillable. While the grade of the sea cucumber is not top quality, for those for like them, this is still a rather expensive ingredient.


The big tables comes with the big pot right in the middle of the table for communal sharing. It was fun for the young and old to all cook together but it is quite difficult to eat from the side of the table and you have to stand to get your food and there is hardly much space on the table to accommodate the dishes so we had to hurriedly throw all our ingredients into the hot pot.

Overall, the atmosphere is good for families to get together, although the food is not top grade but still fresh. The only few things that are lacking is lack of choice for sauce, and the soup is also very bland. The cooked food is much better than the steamboat itself.

Address: Chinatown Point, #B1-16, 133 New Bridge Rd, 059413

Operating hours: 10.30 am to 10 pm


Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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