Bloom by Mok Mok

With new cafes sprouting out every few months, there is always something new to explore in Johor Bahru. With bigger spaces for new concept and theme cafes and the 1 to 3 exchange rate, more and more Singaporeans are flocking to JB on the weekends to café hop instead. One of the newest on the block is this Bloom café by the people behind Mok Mok the already successful café outlet.


While floral themed cafes are not entirely new, Bloom has a very pretty and natural atmosphere which intrigues the common passer by to pop in for a look.


While the exterior of the café is filled with dried flowers and look cold, the interior is a floral fairyland with colour semi fried florals handing from the ceiling. The pretty pink neon light signboard right in the center provides a key focal point. The entire café is doe up in the whimsical, garden atmosphere with swing tables and floral arrangements at every corner of the space.


The space is not too big with the main drinks and service counter and tables accommodating 25 – 30 person at any one time.


The light was really dim in the café for better photos but they café served very interesting Japanese western fusion food like these fried enoki mushrooms and edamame as starters as well as salmon donburi or western big breakfast for a full meal. One of the most popular items is the donburi bowls.


The range of floral tea infusion available is also very refreshing with very interesting names and how the tea helps us in our health.


We had the Cupid Kiss which has Sakura, Roses and Jasmine Green tea in the infusion. The concoction was light and refreshing with a faint sweet aroma from the roses.

The way the tea was served was also quite dramatic with a side glass of dry ice.


This simple yet extremely addictive dish is probably simple enough to make at home but this was definitely a great dish to spend time chit chatting with friends. The mushrooms were fried to golden crispiness and tasted like a mushroom cracker.


The highlight is this cheese Japanese soufflé pancake. There were 4 flavours to choose from and we took the mango one which is one of the more popular one. This is extremely popular in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong but there is no decent one in Singapore.


You can tell how soft and jiggly the soufflé is from the video. The soufflé is very smooth and fluffy and light. Each bite was so creamy and light it was almost like eating clouds. The soufflé had a nice fragrant cheese taste as well. This is definitely worth every buck and inches around the waist.

Overall, the food served here is very good for a modern café and the pricing is quite reasonable and friendly for the pocket. Do expect to queue during weekends as we waited close to 30 – 45mins to get a table.

Address: 87, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 12 pm to 11.30 pm

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