Restoran Ba Wang Seafood JB

It’s TGIF and time to plan your late night suppers for Friday or over the weekends. With the 1 to 3 exchange rate, it is really the time to head to our neighbouring country for good food or shopping.

Typical of a Chinese restaurant the Ba Wang has red cushioned metal seats with both round and rectangular tables. For those preferring the natural air, there are round tables with plastic chairs located outside as well

They have an extensive menu from vegetables, meat and seafood. Many Singaporeans travel here for to dig out on crabs and crayfish alike.

In addition to the main menu, there is a roadside stall which is called 101 selling barbeque skewers of chicken wing, vegetables, quail eggs and more.

As this barbeque became increasingly popular for supper and drinks, the Ba Wang restaurant actually allows them to operate right from their entrance corridor. In fact, customers would mistake them the same store.

You can pick from the various items available and pass it to the order taker. Once ready, the staff will bring the cooked items to your table and collect the cash for it. Payment for this is collected differently from the main restaurant.

One of the most popular is the chicken wings. Each skewer holds 1 chicken wing flattened and barbequed til golden brown and crispiness. The skin is heavily spiced and was extremely crispy. This is the perfect match to an ice cold beer.

The next most popular item is the abalone mushrooms which is also heavily seasoned but barbequed til the mushrooms become crispy to the bite.

There are also many other items like squid, lady fingers, long bean, quail eggs and more which is all cooked and marinated the same way. The skewers come with a spicy dipping sauce and costs approximately SGD 40 cents to 80 cents each.

Back to the dishes at the restaurant, one of our favourite is this garlic fried nai bai vegetable which is both sweet and crunchy. There is minimal seasonings on the vegetable so you can taste the real taste. The dish of vegetable is at MYR 18 for a large plate.

The next vegetable fried perfectly is the qing long vegetable which resembles blades of long grass. Like the nai bai, this was fried lightly in garlic and oil as well and you can taste the freshness and crunchiness of the vegetable itself.

The 2 main dishes we always order is this fried beehoon in braised pork’s belly which is so full of flavours and collagen. The oil in the beehoon came from the pork belly and flavoured the dish with equally stickiness and umami goodness.

The next is this minced meat and mushroom soup based vermicelli strands called the bee tai mak in Singapore. This compared to the previous dish is definitely lighter and slightly more bland which is a good end off dish to balance out the oil from both the barbeque and bee hoon.

With each dish about MYR 15 to 25 each with exception to fresh crabs, prawns and other seafood. It is definitely worth visiting since applying the exchange rate would get you a great meal.

Address: 29, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hoùrs: 4 pm to 4 am

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