Tong Huat Traditional Confectionary

While modern bakeries are proud of their cakes and cupcakes, traditional confectionaries are equally proud in their Chinese cakes and biscuits. While traditional confectionary are on the verge of disappearing in Singapore, they are definitely going strong in Malaysia.

Tong Huat Confectionary is well known far and wide in Kluang for making the best biscuits. The shop is not fancy like those new bakery, instead it reminds you of childhood memories where you get all your afternoon snacks from confectionary like this.

They sell many kinds of biscuits here but the king of the shop is their salted green bean biscuit which runs out daily. Every piece of biscuit is manually packed by hand into rolls of 5 into these pink paper wrapping. There are 2 baking rounds; morning and mid afternoon. They will start selling the morning batches by 11 am and the afternoon batch by 3 pm.

These biscuits run out even before you reach the shop as regular customers call in advance and book rolls and rolls of these yummy treats. You can see mulitple celebrity pictures endorsing this shop. I witnessed a guy trying to buy some but there was non as the entire batch was taken and he had to leave in disappointment.

We managed to pre book 10 rolls of the biscuits with the help of our relatives. We had wanted to add on more on the spot but there was absolutely no extras.

Why are these best in the world? The crust of the biscuit is baked to perfect crisp with nice pastry layers where you can taste the baked dough and smooth buttery taste. The green bean filling is crumpy and fragrant as there is added fried shallots so there is a satisfying savoury taste here that is missing in other green bean biscuits. I have introduced this to many and the testimonial of a local Penang saying this is even better than those in Penang ( where green bean biscuits are famous)

Enough said, if you never tried these, you have alot you are missing out.

Address: 28, Jalan Cantik, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 9 am to 6.30 pm closed on Sunday

Booking in advance advised

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