Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh

Rainy days calls for a good bowl of soup and our local Bak Kut Teh is definitely a great choice. BKT as local Singaporeans affectionally calls the dish is basically pork ribs cooked in either peppery soup or medicinal herbal soup. In Singapore, you can commonly find the peppery version whereas in Malaysia the herbal one is more popular.


There are many BKT stalls in Singapore. Some extremely famous with visit from Hong Kong stars and prime ministers (I will cover those soon) There are also some humble brands that offer a good broth to hungry diners without battling a crazy queue.


Soon Huat has a few outlets throughout the island. This outlet in Chinatown point is decorated more like a modern cafe than the traditional coffeeshop stall. You basically order what you want from the counter and take your seat for your dish to be served.


This brand has a back story where the owner has a aspiring story of correcting his wrong doing ways as a offender when he was young to opening a chain of restaurants hiring ex-offenders offering them a 2nd chance.

Photo Credits: Soon Huat Website

Peraonally, I am a fan of the herbal BKT so when I visit local stores, I order this dry version instead of the peppery soup. The dry version is cooked in dark sauce with lady fingers, dried cuttlefish shreds and dried chilli. The dish has a subtle spicy kick to it but yet very savoury with a thick gravy for your rice. The meat was quite succulent with the sauces well marinated into each bite

Photo Credits: Soon Huat Website

The pig trotters in dark sauce was succulent and tender with a nice rim of grease just below the skin. The sauce was thick and savoury and was great to go together with white rice.

Photo Credits: Soon Huat Website

This pig liver with spring onion and ginger is one of my favourite dish. The flavour is fantastic with just enough sauce coating each liver piece. The liver is also cooked perfectly with each pieces very soft and juicy.

Photo Credits: Soon Huat Website

Lastly, the claypot noodle is quite generic and forgettable. It was like other claypot noodles you can get from hawker centers.

Overall, Soon Huat provided some good dishes at slightly higher prices than the ones you can find at food centers. It is a good place to satisfy your BKT cravings with air conditioning.

Address: Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, #02-38, 059413

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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