Barbacoa Classico Marunouchi

Meat lovers definitely would have heard of Brazilian Churrasco, in Singapore we have Carnivore restaurant which serves traditional Brazilian Churrasco in buffet style. I am surprised that the Japanese likes this extremely meaty cuisine as well as it tends to be heavier on the stomach compared to Japanese cuisine. Our Japanese colleague brought us here for our team dinner. The restaurant itself is located in the Marunouchi building which is a very posh and classy building catered mostly to the working crowd. The building is connected to the Tokyo train station.


The restaurant is not particularly huge but is well layout and dressed in marble and wood furnishings. In fact the vibe of the restaurant is more Italian than Brazilian.


The centre of the restaurant houses a huge salad buffet with different Japanese and European varieties of fresh vegetables and sauces.


There are also a huge selection of root vegetables and pickled vegetables.


For those who needs to have more filling and warm items, there is also cous cous and fried chicken croquette balls


You find a huge selection of other anti pasti items like beet root, quail eggs, mushrooms, asparagus and tuna flakes.

20180920_211938 1

The star of the show is the freshly grilled meats where the servers will serve you right at the table with the skewers. All different parts of the cow is being served here and the server will slice off the meat of your selection on your plate. This is the Wagyu beef which my colleague had.


This is the rump part of the cow as well as the grilled cheese. For all the beef, accordingly to my colleagues, the wagyu is the best, followed by the rump. Looking at the meat, I could see the tenderness and juiciness of the meat as the juices flow once the servers slice the meat. This is definitely some good quality meat being served here.


I had the lamp chop which is very tender and juicy but I found the lamb taste slightly too strong for my liking. For those who loves lamb, this would have been a very nice lamb chop.


Other non beef items include chicken and pork sausage which is very general in terms of taste. The meats are all very well grilled retaining the meat juices although I heard that some of the parts of the cow were tougher than the rest. One other super star of the meal is the grilled pineapple which is grilled to a char brown on the surface and the inside was sweet, caramelised and melts in your mouth. This is my favourite part of the meal.

Overall, the meal costs about 6,000 yen per person which is about SGD 70. It is quite pricey but they served good quality meat and for the beef lovers, this is probably a well worth meal. For non – beef eaters or non meaty lovers, this meal is probably not so worth the 70 bucks. The conclusion is to go if you eat beef if not you will have very little food to eat.

Address: Japan, 〒100-6506 Tokyo, Chiyoda, 丸の内1丁目5−1 新丸の内ビルディング 6F

Operating hours: 11 am to 3 pm and 5 pm to 11 pm

Google Map Link

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