Shibuya Excel Hotel

I love love love Japan and my last trip here was in early 2015 and thats almost 3 years ago. It has been too long so when I had the chance to travel here for work, I’m beyond elated.

I stayed in the Shibuya Excel Hotel for this trip and it is in the perfect location connected to the Shibuya station via Mark City and 2 mins walk to the main Shibuya food and drinking areas. One added advantage of the hotel is that you get an aerial point view of the famous Shibuya Crossing at level 25. So many tourists has been entering the hotel just for photos of the crossing that the hotel has to put up signs to warn people not to.

The main lobby area is located on the 5th floor and is of a good size with sufficient seats for guests to wait. The check in is very fast and efficient and extremely polite which is normal for Japanese standards. There is a currency exchange machine as well as a shelf of maps for tourists needing the service. You can also buy your airport express bus tickets at the counters.

The corridors are not very brightly lit but not too dark as well. The dark corridor carpets takes up the lights and makes it look slightly more dark

Personally I find the room a little on the dark side but it is fine once the curtains are drawn. I find the bed abit too soft for my liking and the pillows quite flat. The biggest downside is that the room gets warm around 4-5am even though I did not adjust the temperature. I often wake up in sweat and I find it very unpleasant

The bathroom is considered big in Japan with a full sized bath tub and long basin counter top.

The view is great from the room and you can see Shibuya from your room

There are 2 choices for breakfast; the Japanese or Western breakfast. For the Japanese breakfast, you get a standard set meal with fish, tofu, onsen egg, rice, soup and other side dishes.

For the Western choice, you get a selection of bacon, bread, scramble eggs, salad, juices, soup and fruits. The selection is pretty substantial although not wide.

Overall, both my experience at the restaurants were pretty good but it would have been perfect if the dishes at both restaurants were warmer. The fish at the Japanese set was very cold and hard.

My overall stay here is very pleasant although I would choose to stay at Shinjuku or Ikkeburo next time as there are more shops in those areas. For travellers who love to hang out at their local pubs and Issakaya, Shibuya will be great.

Rooms start from: SGD 350

Address: 〒150-0043 Tokyo, Shibuya, Dogenzaka, 1 Chome−12−2 渋谷マークシティ内

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

2 thoughts

  1. Just an FYI – the hotel no longer offers the Japanese breakfast. They only offer the buffet breakfast, and have moved it to the 5th floor lobby. The 25th floor is no longer offering breakfast. All the restaurants on the 25th floor open at 11AM now.
    I am personally VERY upset by this. I stay at this hotel around 24 times a year for at least 2 nights each time. The Japanese breakfast and the buffet on the 25th floor were my favorite points of the hotel. The breakfast on the 5 floor feels so cheap. And it’s very noisy! Bad move in my opinion.


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