Tokyo Cheese Milk Factory

After all the hype, the Tokyo Cheese Milk Factory is finally here in Singapore. Located at Raffles City Shopping Mall Basement, you can reach the outlet from the escalators at the main fountain area. Walk straight and turn left from the escalators. The outlet is right at the corner.

Tokyo Cheese Milk Factory started in Tokyo in 2011 and they specialize in Cheese cookies  (similar to the Shiroi Koibito cookies ; better known as the white lover cookies) in different flavours as well as soft serve ice cream, cheese cakes and Swiss rolls.

The first time I tried the soft serve ice cream, I was in Manila and the ice cream really blew me away. The texture was extremely creamy yet soft. You could taste both the milkiness of the milk base as well as the thickness of the cheese flavour. The balance was maintained at the right level and there was no overpowering sweetness taste.

I really craved for it after my first experience with the ice cream and yesterday I dropped by the Singapore outlet.



The ice cream comes in 3 flavours : Milk , Cheese and Twist ( Mix of both flavours ) at $4.50 in a cup and additional $1.00 with the vintage cheese cone. You can also opt for the ultimate experience with the sundae at $8.50 which comes with the 1 choice of ice cream + 1 slice of cheese cake and 1 Salt & Camembert Cookie served in a cup. *

*Prices are in reference from Tokyo Cheese Factory Official Website

I had the cheese flavoured ice cream with vintage cheese cone. The cheese cone was fragrant and crispy to the bite while the ice cream itself still boast that fabulous combination of milky and decadent cheese burst in the mouth. I do recall the Manila one to be slightly cheesier but the one here is Singapore is not too bad. At the price point which is similar to other gelato, I would gladly give in to the additional calories for a once in a while indulgence.

Separately, I tried the cheese cookie from Tokyo direct and I would say they taste cheesier and richer than the other brand i mentioned above. I would recommend this over the other brand any day.

Tokyo Cheese Factory can be found at the following locations:

Flagship Shop: Raffles City #B1-73 (252 North Bridge Road #B1-73 Singapore 179103)
Opening hours: 11 am to 930 pm daily

Pop-up Shop: ION Orchard #B3-K2 (2 Orchard Turn #B3-K2 Singapore 238801)
Opening hours: 10 am to 930 pm daily

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