The Journey Begins

27.06.18. Today I will officially start on my travel blog which is something I have procrastinated from doing for at least 5 years. It is always easy to say “I will start tomorrow” but somehow tomorrow never comes. This is true for many things from diet plans to travel plans or even to something as simple as spending more time with your loved ones. These days, we are so absorbed in getting ahead in the society rat race that we tend to forget many things that are important in our life. Yes, money is important in our lives and how it allows us to live in a certain standard of living that we are used to but I truly believe that beyond the cold simple meaning of working for money, we should enrich our lives with something more.

For me, travelling fills up the emptiness in my soul, food fills up the color in my soul and cooking fills up the warmth in my soul. I started travelling since young with my parents, the earliest at 12 years old is what I can barely remember. The location was Hat Yai, Thailand. My memory of that trip is too fuzzy for any details at all. My first memorable trip was in 1997 when I tagged along my sister for her graduation trip to Perth. It was our first trip overseas without our parents; at least for me; and it felt really grown up. There were many firsts on that trip for me and I can clearly remember them till today. The first time the airline lost my luggage, the first time I took an earlier flight home alone due to school starting, the first time I took a propeller plane to Rottnest Island, the first time I experienced Racism and so much more.

We took a few more family trip after I turned 20 and most of them were part of a group tour on a fixed itinerary. My first major trip as an adult happened in 2008 with 2 other girlfriends. It was our first step towards a self-planned itinerary. We did not have the courage to go on full self planned itinerary so we did half of the trip with a tour group with Trafalgar and another half on our own exploring other parts of the country. That trip was the deciding factor for the start of my wanderlust life. Today we still look back on that trip with fond memories.

So before I start my next official post on my latest travel. Friends, reading this, please travel when you can. The experience is definitely worth it and it will open up your eyes to so much more and impact your views in ways you have never considered . Do not live with regrets.

I hereby welcome you to join me on my journey and hope you will find your own inspiration

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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