GS25 Korean Ready to eat crab roe paste

Daebak! This was the expression I had expected myself to have after trying this. Somehow this is a total disappointment. Those who have tried the real soy crab in Korea would understand how the taste of the soy crab roe mixed with rice mesmerizes your soul. Putting aside my disappointment, let me start with my review on this crab roe paste.

After reading and watching many Youtube reviews about this crab roe paste, I was adamant on trying this and I would go through all trouble to get a box just to relive the sweetness of that memory. The only possible way to purchase this in Singapore is through Airfrov or Q10 which carries another brand from the range of $39 to $46 which is more commonly reviewed by the Hong Hong bloggers. I wasn’t prepared to fork out close to $50 for canned food and lucky me, a friend was dropping by Seoul for a business trip.


The crab roe paste is in a compact plastic packaging and is sold at all GS25 outlets at approximately 3500 won. Due to the popularity of this crab roe paste, it was sold out in many places since it’s launch. The crab roe paste is considered a perishable item and can only be kept in the fridge for a maximum of 4 days. You will find these stocked up at the fresh food area, mainly where they have their triangle Gimbaps or milk. The best companion with any soy crab is plain white rice. Ideally, fluffy hot Korean rice but I tried it with our usual Jasmine rice.


Once opened, the package includes a small pack of sesame oil which i poured into the crab roe paste. At first sight, it looked like a tub of brownish grey paste. ( It reminded me of my Har Jiong Gai – Salted Sprimp paste Chicken marinate ) It wasn’t exactly a sight that whets the appetite.


Each spoonful had tiny bits of crab slices which tasted a lot like our frozen crab sticks. The sauce was very savoury and surprising addictive. Tasting it on it’s own will be too salty but pairing it with rice makes it very palatable. The entire sauce is slightly watery and it would be best to mix it into your bowl entirely to get an equally taste throughout your meal. The taste is a mix between soy, salted shrimp paste and crab stick. While it is nowhere near the taste of the heavenly soy crab roe in Seoul, this ready made ones make for a quick and easy meal option, although not the healthiest of choice.

Author: elizbeartravel

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