As a sweet tooth monster, I am always ready to try out new desserts and while ice cream is an easy choice, sweet pastries and tarts are a personal favourite. I feel it is not easy to get a perfectly baked pastry or tart, some can be missing the buttery flavour or the crumbly bite which I personally love very much

After my dinner at the KR barbeque restaurant in the same building, I was pleasantly surprised my friends booked a table at Tarte. Tarte is an artisan confectionery featuring fresh bakes daily with premium ingredients sourced across the world

Owned by the award-winning pastry chef Cheryl Koh, who is also the pastry chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Les Amis, Tarte offers tarts and cakes as well as general beverages to be paired with the bakes

The cafe itself is mainly done up in a minimalistic style with neutral colours with spacious seating areas. The space nearer to the entrance has mostly sofa seating while the ones nearer inside has the traditional table and chair settings

We pre-ordered some of their popular tarts to prevent them from being sold out. We had dark chocolate, yuzu meringue, Shine muscat grapes as well as Ardeche Chestnut flavours

The dark chocolate was decadent with a bitter-sweet flavour accompanied by a crunchy buttery tart shell

The Shine Muscat tart uses Korean shine muscat grapes with Yuja cream and the tart shell is buttery with a crunchy bite. The grapes are juicy and crunchy but not as sweet as I imagined so the flavours of the Yuja cream overtook the grapes. I didn’t really like the chestnut one as much so I don’t recall much of its taste

The yuzu meringue has a smooth and creamy curd encased with the same buttery tart shell and topped with meringue. The flavours were well balanced as the curd has a nice tangy flavour from the yuzu with a light sweetness from both the tart and the meringue. This is my personal favourite

The beverages were pretty general and nothing too special but does go well as an accompaniment to the tarts

Overall, Tarte does have some seasonal tarts that look extremely nice and the tart shell of all the tarts here is the same buttery crunchy textured kind which is very delicious and complements all the flavours very well. As they provide Artisan bakes, the price is also on the premium side but for the premium ingredients used, I think the tarts are worth the price tag although some flavours are not my favourites

Address: 1 Scotts Rd, #02 – 05/06/07, Singapore 228208

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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