Gochi So Shokudo

I was running an errand when I chanced upon this restaurant in Chinatown Point and as a meat lover, the menu lured me into the restaurant quite naturally

Located on the 2nd floor of Chinatown Point, just next to the link bridge to People’s Park Complex, Gochi – So Shokudo is along the stretch of semi-open concept restaurants where each restaurant is sectioned out by low walls so you can look through into each restaurant while walking in the mall

You have to make your order at the counter right at the entrance before going into the restaurant. With your receipt, the staff will show you to your table. Gochi So Shokudo specialises in Iberico pork dishes so they have pork bowls, tonkatsu sets, steak and ribs, pork Shabu Shabu as well as some other side dishes. Pork lovers can visit them for different kinds of pork dishes

The restaurant is not very big so there are tables enough for approximately 50 customers. All of the tables are set as booth seating so each tables have its own privacy separator. The chairs are modelled as part of the booths so it is not very comfortable since you sit on the wooden part without a cushion and only the backing has a cushion for you to lean back on

Interestingly, the restaurant also provides a whole range of sauces on each table for customers to use with their dishes. Some of the items include red pepper powder, meat garlic sauce, barbeque sauce and sesame sauce

I ordered a side salad although my main came with salad as I really love eating Japanese cabbage salad which is fresh sliced cabbage drizzled with creamy sesame sauce. I also ordered a hot green tea which came as a tea bag in a disposable cup. The salad did not disappoint as it was crunchy and sweet and delicious with the sauce. This salad is commonly served in Japanese Tonkatsu restaurants so the taste matches my expectations

My main arrived which is the Iberico collar steak for SGD 16.50 piled on top of a mountain of french fries and a side salad. The side salad was constructed with lettuce, cucumbers and some peppers drizzled in thousand island sauce. Interestingly, they provided an additional sauce plate for you to put the preferred sauce from the table selection to be eaten with the meat.

Unlike Western-styled steak, Japanese pork steak is thin and is more like a meat steak for sandwiches. While the meat is thin, it is tender and flavourful with a nice tinge of grilled charred flavour. The natural pork flavour is strong as they used minimal seasoning which is great as the good cut of meat flavour is not covered. The fries are crispy and not soggy which is a good side with the steak

I also ordered the fried cheese roll katsu which is deep fried breaded pork wrapped around cheese. The roll was served cut into 4 pieces so when they were served, the cheese was beautifully oozing out. As 2 types of cheese were being used; nacho and mozzarella, the whole roll was very creamy, cheesy and delicious especially if you love cheese. The highlight of this was definitely the cheese which really overpowered the pork as I could hardly taste it

Overall, the flavours were good for the dishes I ordered although I was still hungry after eating the steak as it was really thin but the mountain of fries does make up for the lack of meat. I do not mind visiting them again to try the other pork dishes as the quality of the pork used in the restaurant is good

Address: 133 New Bridge Rd, #02-41/42 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 9 pm

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