Wan Ti Kluang – 皇帝面

Last year when I was in Kluang again to visit my relatives, my cousin brought me to this noodle shop which is quite popular amongst locals for breakfast

Less than 10 mins drive from the city centre, Wan Ti is a coffee shop serving only wanton noodles in both dry and soup versions

The shop space is bright and airy with great circulation so it is not warm even though there is no air-conditioning. There is only a handful of tables for customers to sit and dine in. Within the same shop, there is a small counter selling drinks as well

The main stove for cooking the noodles is right at the front of the shop and there is only a choice between soup and dry versions of the noodle. While it is called Wang Ti noodle and not Wanton noodle, it is typically the same thing. You can choose between spicy and non-spicy and the regular bowl costs MYR 5.50. You can top up ingredients at a cost as well. Ingredients like the wanton are freshly made and char siew sliced only as orders come in

I ordered the dry version in the regular size and it came with a generous amount of char siew slices and broiled vegetables. Each dry noodle was served with a bowl of soup and 2 wantons. The dough noodle was plump and generously mixed with dark soy sauce and seasoning. The noodles were bouncy and had a nice chewy texture and the sauce was savoury but on the salty side. The char siew slices were cut thinly and very lean but it was not overly dry or tough so they complemented the noodles quite well. The wanton was pretty normal with pork filling inside soft dumpling skin and the soup was flavourful but light

The soup version has the same noodles but both char siew and wanton are served with the noodles together in a large soup bowl. Compared to the dry version, the soup one is much lighter and suitable for older diners. The char siew is also softer as it is soaking up the soup while you eat the noodles

Overall, I feel that the noodles have very good texture and flavour, combined with the char siew, it is a hearty and satisfying breakfast without being overly filling and greasy on the stomach. The price point might be slightly high for locals but is very friendly to tourists and visitors due to the exchange rate. I also like that the shop is spacious and airy and we enjoyed our breakfast in a clean and comfortable environment

Address: Taman Intan, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 6.30 am to 12.30 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

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