Tajimaya Yakiniku

There are days when you just feel like gorging on meat and endless meat and this is the best time to look for a barbeque buffet restaurant

Located within Vivocity, I have always walked past Tajimaya salivating and smelling the delicious scent of grilled meats floating through the air. The restaurant is housed within the same space as Sukiya Kin which is the Japanese hotpot buffet. They are merely separated by a low wooden fence but customers can enter by both entrance

Tajimaya Yakiniku offers set menus, a la carte menus as well the most popular buffet menu which is Premium Waygu buffet costing SGD58.90 for lunch and SGD68.90 for dinner ( before tax and adults). Additional SGD 3 applies for Fridays, weekends and holidays and there is also a 100 minutes dining time limit

The restaurant itself is pretty long in layout and can sit quite a good number of tables. The central kitchen and beverage counter is right in the middle and is shared with Sukiya kin

You can help yourself to the free-flow drinks which are located at the side of Sukiya kin. The usual soft drinks like coke, sprite, and iced lemon tea are available. For non-sugared drinks, they have iced green tea as well

Other than meats for grilling, you can also order cooked food and sashimi on the menu. Some of the popular items include potato salad, fried croquette, unagi as well as sashimi. The sashimi is fresh enough although it is just general in quality. The fried food is warm and crispy when served unlike some buffets with cold-cooked food

For the premium buffet, the cuts of meats served were all decent. Since I did not eat beef, I concentrated on having seafood, pork and chicken. The scallops and prawns were fresh and a good size which tasted naturally sweet when grilled. You can also drip them in the ponzu sauce given. The pork and chicken were thinly sliced and cooked very fast. I personally liked the grilled enoki mushrooms and it was cooked in a container with butter and garlic

Overall, for good quality meat and pretty prompt service, the buffet is quite worth the money. It will even be more value for the money for those eating the wagyu beef. Do note that I visited for lunch which is why I could get prompt service, I have seen them being extremely understaffed during dinner times and piles of plates and tables left uncleared. So if you visit during dinner, you might not get as prompt as the service you like for the buffet

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-102/103, Singapore 098585

Opening hours: 11.30 am to 3pm and 6 pm to 10 pm ( 10.30 pm for Fri and Sat)

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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