Bearded Bella

This will be a short review since I didn’t hang around Bearded Bella for too long. I was around the Tanjung Pagar area when I needed to get a drink and take a short break when I came across Bearded Bella

With an indiscreet entrance, it is very easy to miss out on the location of Beared Bella as there are no obvious signs indicating the name of the cafe. I only popped in for a look as there was an endless stream of customers walking in and out of their entrance

The cafe’s courtyard is dedicated to outdoor al fresco seating, free-styled and highly relaxing. One side had the resort-styled wooden long bench and table while the other side had a step-up platform for customers to chill on the raised platform. By doing this, the cafe created more seating areas for customers which is quite limited in the narrow shop house

The main counter is located indoors which is fully air-conditioned. The interiors were bright and minimalistic in design with limited seats due to the narrow layout of the shophouse. When I was there on a Saturday morning, the indoor seats were fully packed

I had a simple bacon and asparagus quiche which is quite reasonably priced at SGD 7. The pastry was warmed up and served to me. The top of the quiche was nicely baked with a burned crispy cheese flavour. The quiche was packed with creamy cheese and bacon which seasoned the entire quiche well. There was not too much asparagus in the quiche but the asparagus maintained a light bite which I liked. Overall, this is a pretty neat quiche

For drinks, we had iced chocolate and grapefruit juice. My nephew raved about the iced chocolate as it was smooth, creamy and extremely chocolatey. In his words ‘ this is some awesome ice chocolate with real chocolate taste. I had a sip and indeed the iced chocolate was quite da bomb. My slow-juiced grapefruit did not disappoint as you can taste the natural sweetness of the fruit

Overall, I took a look at their menu and the food does look pretty good as well. As I was heading somewhere else for lunch, I did not get to taste the food but from the drinks and quiche I had in the short period, I think the taste should not be too disappointing. I also love their chillax atmosphere which is great for days offs and weekends. Something to note is they are dog friendly and offer doggo treats as well

Address: 8 Craig Rd, Singapore 089668

Opening hours: 7.30 am to 5 pm ( to 6 pm on Sat and Sun)

Author: elizbeartravel

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