Before Korean barbeque took over the world by storm, the only barbeque I knew was the ones we do at holiday chalets and the highly-priced Japanese wagyu beef barbeque. Regretfully, I have not been to many Japanese barbeque restaurants in my entire life as the menu is mostly beef and the price point is also generally steeper

When I heard that there is a Japanese barbeque buffet restaurant in Clementi with pocket-friendly prices, I brought the whole family over for dinner. Located at Clementi Ave 3, away from the hustle of the central area near the MRT, Yakiniku Ohji is very popular amongst families, young adults and teens due to the affordable price of their buffet at SGD 24.80 (non-beef), SGD 37.80 ( beef) SGD54.80 ( premium beef)

Fully air-conditioned, the outlet is medium-sized and can house approximately 50 to 60 people. There are 10 exhaust pipes with table settings with some tables able to take more than 5 persons. Generally, the tables are set close to each other and seats are pretty packed together

There is a mini sauce and condiments area right next to the cashier and has bbq sauce, chilli, cheese, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and hot sauce. As I visited during the weekends, the place was extremely crowded and many of the sauces were out and the staff were too busy to refill them

The tables are pretty small so after accommodating the grill, there is hardly space for the dishes therefore it was quite hard to balance the meats and dishes when they were served. There is also a time limit of 2 hours on weekdays and 100 mins on weekend dinners

As the restaurant was highly understaffed, we had to make sure we put in the orders in time within our 100 mins dining limit. This in turn crowded the grill and table at the same time and almost left us with no space to eat our cooked food.

The restaurant uses charcoal grills which give the meat a nice smokey flavour, they have pork belly and chicken as well as thin cuts of beef. There are marinated options for the meat which is a little salty for me. The grading of the meat is pretty general since we did not pay for the premium-priced buffet but the ingredients are still overall fresh

You can also get other side dishes like raw lettuce to wrap your barbeque meats or cooked items like gyoza, fried chicken karaage or onsen eggs. Drinks are charged separately and I got a huge cup of iced green tea which was extremely thirst-quenching when paired with the greasy and hot meal

Overall, the food served at Yakiniku Ohji is pretty general in terms of quality but since it is a 100 mins timed buffet for less than SGD30, it is a value-for-money barbeque restaurant where you can get loads of meat as well as other decently done cooked dishes. Except for the tight spaces, this restaurant is recommended for friends on a budget

Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3, #01-01, Singapore 129905

Opening hours: 12 to 10 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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