Tsui Wah Heeren

Frequent Hong Kong visitors would have heard the name Tsui Wah as it is one of the most famous Cha Chaan Teng chains in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong-style cafe, Tsui Wah serves a variety of popular Hong Kong cafe goodies like instant noodles, toast, Hong Kong Milk tea, wanton noodles and more

With over 60 outlets in Hong Kong, Tsui Wah opened its first outlet in Singapore at Clarke Quay a few years back. I was secretly rejoicing as I can now enjoy my Hong Kong favourite snacks without travelling to Hong Kong. While I waited a few years to visit, I was eager to finally try some Hong Kong goodies in their Heeren outlet. Located on the 2nd floor of Heeren, the cafe is not too big but can sit 50 to 80 persons and have a great view of the main Orchard road

As I visited right after a meal, I just wanted to try a couple of my favourites I have not had since the pandemic; the Hong Kong milk tea and egg tart. Both did not disappoint as the milk tea was thick and creamy with flavourful red tea flavours and the egg tart has an extremely good pastry crust which was flaky and buttery at the same time. The egg custard was smooth with loads of milky egg flavour

The other item I always ordered in Hong Kong was the toasted crispy bun with condensed milk. When the buns were served, it was exactly how I remembered it to be in Hong Kong. The bun was toasted so the crust and the cut side of the bun is extremely crispy which is then lightly buttered and drizzled generously with condensed milk. The condensed milk gets absorbed into the bun and each bite was sweet, crispy and buttery all together. This is one of my favourite snacks at the cha chaan teng and as good as the ones in Hong Kong

Overall, the standard of the food is similar to the outlets in Hong Kong and it is great we do not have to travel to Hong Kong just to get some of these Hong Kong favourites. There are a lot of items available in their menu which I will definitely return to try more. The only minus point for me is the price range is slightly higher than in Hong Kong

Address: 260 Orchard Rd, #02-02 The Heeren, 238855

Opening hours: 11 am to 10 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

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