I was searching online for a nice pastry gift box when I came across Leckerbaer. Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen by Jakob and Gabi Bär Mogensen; who both have extensive experience in the European Michelin restaurant scene; Leckerbaer’s goal was to honour the Danish tradition of great pastry and elegant design

Nestled along the hippy Keong Saik brimming with cafes and eateries, Leckerbaer stands out with its distinctive Nordic clean minimalistic designs. Featuring a clean wooden doorway coupled with white walls, cushions and warm yellow lights, the entrance exudes a welcoming relaxing ambience

Stepping into the café, the same décor mood board is implemented from the counters to the rustic furniture used for dine-in customers. The available seating area for the café is limited as most of their customer takes away their pastries

They specialise in tarts and small bakes and per item range from SGD 8 to SGD 9

The main point of my visit was to get one of these gift boxes as a housewarming gift. I got the smallest box at SGD 25.68 which has 8 pastries while the bigger boxes come in boxes of 12 and 16 pastries. The main items inside the gift boxes are Danish buttery cookies known as Småkager and come in an assortment of flavours which changes seasonally

I decided to get a light bite while I was at the cafe since I was the only one in the cafe and I was feeling peckish. You can get any of the tarts or puffs at the counter or get a tasting set for 2 pax at SGD 34 which includes 4 Småkager, 2 small bakes or tarts or puffs and 2 drinks. You can also choose 8 Småkager with 2 drinks if you are not interested in the bakes. I opted for the open-face sandwiches as I craved savoury food. Unlucky for me, they ran out of many items and I was left with the parma ham and truffle sandwich served with mozzarella, basil and truffle mayo

For SGD 21, the price tag for the sourdough open-faced sandwich is quite steep. In terms of taste, the parma ham is general in quality and serving. The saltiness of the ham was balanced out by the cheese and the light fragrance of the basil leaves. The bread was also well toasted with a nice crunch to envelop the toppings. While the sandwich was tasty, I really think it is quite overpriced as there were no sides provided and the ham did not taste like it was aged

Since I could not try the cookies in the gift box, I bought 4 chocolate tarts for tasting at home as they were so absolutely pretty at the far left of the counter

I forgot to take a photo of the tarts as they were so good and we gobbled them up pretty fast. The tart shells were buttery and still had a light crunch even after keeping them in the fridge for 2 days. The chocolate mousse itself was decadent and smooth with strong cocoa flavours but yet not overly sweet and heavy on the stomach. At SGD 9.10 per piece, I felt it was worth the calories

Overall, Leckerbaer has very pretty and delicious pastries which are slightly on the pricier end but the designs are delicately unique and the Småkagers cannot be found elsewhere and would make the perfect gifts for your sweet tooth friends. As for the savoury items on the menu, I think the price is too high for the average person for 1 serving of open-faced sandwich and I probably will not visit them for savoury food again

Address: 14 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089121

Operating hours: 10 am to 10 pm ( Mon to Thur) 10 am to 11.30pm (Fri) 12 pm to 11.30 pm ( Sat) 12pm to 10 pm ( Sun)

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