Tian Wang Dessert

Most of the time, people start craving sweet stuff late at night either after a long shopping session or pigging session. Most people start flocking to dessert cafes and shops to get that sugary fix and we found Tian Wang Dessert one day when we had to get our sugar fix late at night

Open till 3 am daily, the Tian Wang Dessert gained much attention last year when they opened as a mahjong themed dessert cafe. Other than the wall plastered with mahjong tiles, I don’t exactly find it a themed cafe since nothing in the cafe is connected to mahjong. The cafe itself is not big with indoor and outdoor seats and due to safe distancing, some tables are not available so do expect to wait in line especially during weekend nights

In terms of menu, they carry quite a weird range from hot desserts like peanut cream, peach gum, green bean soup to cold desserts like coconut milk mango ice and mango pomelo sago

Orders and make the payment has to be made at the counter before the staff serves you your dessert. We ordered the mango pomelo sago which came served brimming with mango chunks and pomelo bits. The mango chunks were juicy but more sourish than sweet. The pureed mango syrup and coconut cream was nevertheless sweet and creamy and made up for the sour mango chunks

The red bean soup was quite traditional with lotus seeds and some citrus peel. The beans were also well cooked so they were soft and easy to eat with the soup not overly sweet. This is quite suitable for those opting for less sweet desserts or elderlies

Overall, there is nothing too special about Tian Wang, other than them opening till 3am which is a plus point for late owls. The range of desserts available is also quite substantial for a small shop. In terms of taste, nothing too good or bad to point out except that the cost is relatively more affordable compared to cafes but more steep compared to hawker centres

Address: 145 Jln Besar, Singapore 208863

Operating hours: 5 pm to 3 am

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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