Brown Butter Cafe

This cafe was recently in the news because of their squid game candy games which attracted lots of fans to go try their luck at scraping their candies and getting freebies. Way before they got popular with squid game fans, the cafe was often visited by customers who enjoyed taking photos due to their very Instagrammable environment

Boasting a mystical pink dreamy environment, you step into an almost all pink interior. One of the most photographed areas is definitely the front of the cafe where this pink phone booth and carousel horse stands

The dreamy concept is consistent throughout the cafe from pink shell-shaped chairs, dangling Christmas lights and fluffy feathery wings and more pink flowers all over the space

Luckily, other than creating a dreamlike atmosphere, the cafe does serve up rather unique and decent food. This dish is called Fish Bowl; which is filled with avocados, raw salmon, pickled cucumber, seaweed, tobiko and sushi rice. Looking at just the ingredients, it is actually just like a salmon avocado roll but when placed and decorated like this, it is visually refreshing and attractive.In terms of taste, it is light and the ingredients very fresh

This triple cheese chicken served with maple syrup and sugar waffles caught my eye when I was spoilt for choices flipping through the menu. The cheese was creamy and flowing and coated the chicken extremely well. The chicken remained crispy even with the coated cheese and the meat was still tender and juicy. Paired with the sugar waffles which was also still crispy, the combination was delectable and sinful. It was a bit filling for 1 person to finish everything so I would recommend sharing this dish

Unlike the picture in the menu, the drenched Chilli Con Carne burger came with the house – made Chilli Con Carne at the side together with crispy curly fries. The burger itself was served with brioche buns which has a nice buttery flavour. The beef patty according to my friend was ok but slightly on the dry side so it is better if you eat it together with the Chilli Con Carne

The classic lobster roll looks really promising when served however the sauce was quite a letdown. While the lobster meat was generally ok but the sauce was bland and lacking the buttery flavours. The roll was also soft and not toasted enough

My friend who opt for the lighter choice had this truffle mushroom linguine which had sauteed mushrooms, truffle and arugula served on linguine with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The pasta had very light flavours which was slightly bland for my tastebuds

The last thing we had was this corn with milk drink which is sherbet shaped like a stalk of corn and served with a side cup of milk. The corn was a milky based sherbet which was not exactly creamy like the usual ice cream but has a nice subtle corn flavour. You can have them together or separate but we kind of just ate them separate as it took too long to melt the corn with the small cup of milk

Overall, its an A for the environment and decoration and it really makes you feel like you are dining in fairy girly dreamland. A perfect place to hang out with a group of girlies as you can spend the day taking so many pictures at different corners of the cafe. The food is also not too bad compared to other cafe food. I would say they are on the better end of the stick. It is very popular so head over early to get seats.

Address: 583 Orchard Rd, Forum Shopping Mall, 01-18/19, Singapore 238884

Operating hours: 11 am to 8.30 pm ( till 9 pm on Fri and Sat)

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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