Juz Cane Machine

I’m sure most of us have spotted these fresh orange juice vending machines all around the island especially at some of the cinemas. Some of us would have already tried at least one cup of their $2 orange juice and with some luck, the juice is really sweet. When I walked past the Juz cane machine at Suntec, I was quite surprised to see a fresh sugarcane juice vending machine.

At $2 per cup of juice, the price is higher than most hawker centers but as a sugarcane juice lover, the attraction is strong and given that this was found at the mall where no sugarcane stalls were in my 100 meters radius, I had to give it a try.

The process of buying the juice is very similar to the orange juice machine. You can press you selection on the touch screen and choose between juice with or without lemon and next you can watch the machine juice the sugar canes. Everything else is automated so when the drink is ready, the glass door opens up and you can grab your drink and a straw if needed from the side.

In comparison, the cup is visibly smaller than the usual you get from hawker centers which makes the price tag of $2 really hefty. In terms of taste, the juice was really sweet and it came free of the sugar cane residue which is often found in most hawker center juices. The juice came chilled so that is definitely a plus point.

In conclusion, the drink is quite expensive, but if you are a sugar cane lover like me and craving badly for it while shopping, this could be a great option.

Address: Suntec center convention center

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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