Mr. Baguette

Golden Mile Food Center is known to be the haven of mouth watering local food and the queue at many of the stalls is really long but the food is definitely worth the wait. Although Mr. Baguette has been around for many years, I have not really paid attention to the stall every time I visited the food center until my group buy offered their items and I ordered them just for fun.

Mr. Baguette has 2 outlets now after the success of the one at Golden Mile gathering long queues at different times of the day. Multiple food blogs and review sites has also given their fair share of good reviews and recommendations and many tourist also love their baguettes.

Mr. Baguette offers 2 kinds of baguette; the usual long loaf which we are familiar with but topped with ingredients like garlic cheese, Hawaiian, French cheese, butter sugar and plain or these round balls bursting with lava fillings. The popular ones are these round baguette balls with a wide variety of fillings bursting out into lava goodness which is good for breakfast or tea.

If you are not having the lava balls on the spot, you are recommended to heat them up before consuming them for the best experience so the owner has provided instructions on how to heat up the lava balls.

I ordered a couple of flavours to give it a try and in this box, there are 5 different flavours; cookies and cream which is made of white chocolate and Oreo cookies, red velvet which is made of yoghurt, beet root, chocolate and cheese, blueberry lava which is made from blueberry pie and cheese, hazelnut lava made from hazelnut paste and chocolate mixture and lastly tiramisu made from espresso, almond and cheese.

My 2nd box has the original which is made from French egg fillings, chocolate lava with chocolate mixture and cheese lava which consists of 4 different types of cheese fillings.

The presentation of the round baguette balls were very pretty with the different colours and toppings. There was a friendly reminder to hold the box upright during delivery or during transportation so that the balls stay upright. As you can see, my hazelnut lava flipped over as the box was tilted and the fillings actually came out.

As I kept the baguette in the fridge for breakfast the next day, I toasted them in the toaster as per the instructions before consuming them. Due to my lousy skills, some of the baguette got slightly burnt and became hard.

When done right, the baguette is crispy outside and soft inside and the fillings will flow out just like any lava cake. I love that each baguette is filled to the brim with lava fillings so it can get slightly messy when eating it as the warm filling will flow all over your fingers.

The lava fillings are more than enough to cover the entire baguette so you will not get any bite of baguette without filling.

So far I have personally tried their chocolate, tiramisu, blueberry, red velvet, hazelnut, cheese and I think the chocolate based ones are really very delicious as the chocolate taste in them is very rich and smooth. The outer baguette bread is also crispy and soft. The cheese flavour one also has a nice balance of sweet and salty taste but I am not a fan for the blueberry one as I felt the blueberry and cheese did not really go well together.

Overall, I love their bakes and I think that these are best eaten fresh and warm especially when just bought from the stall. Although heating it up should still give the same flavours, I feel the texture will be slightly different as compared to the freshly baked ones. I would like to try the flat baguette with the savoury flavours one day.

Address: 505 Beach Rd, #B1-51, Singapore 199583

Operating hours: 12 pm to 8 pm ( Closed on Mon and Tue)

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