Chee Cheong Fun Club

I am not exactly a fan of chee cheong fun which are steamed white rice rolls topped with ingredients or savoury sauce. If I had to choose a meal of chee cheong fun, I would definitely go for the Cantonese styled chee cheong fun which is widely found in many dim sum restaurants. The Cantonese styled ones usually have meat or other ingredients wrapped within the rice rolls and is topped with a savoury and sweet soy sauce for flavours. The hawker styled chee cheong fun is usually plain rice roll and topped with sweet sauce, sesame oil and roasted sesame seeds. I am totally not a fan as I found this version very boring and the sauces too sweet until I tried Chee Cheong Fun Club a few weeks back.

I first tried Chee Cheong Fun Club from an order of my usual group buy (@Tabaojiak) as my mum loved this version of chee cheong fun and when I tried a piece, I was captivated immediately. I will explain more in the post below but first Chee Cheong Fun Club is located within Maxwell Food Center where competition for customers is stiff as this food center is filled with famous food stalls.

The stall has been in business for a couple of years and it is discreetly nestled diagonally opposite the famous chicken rice. You can instantly tell this stall is worth your calories with the amount of coverage they have received from food blogs, YouTube channel and food programs. The stall owner is from KL and the stall is a result of her missing the chee cheong fun from her hometown too much that she quit her banking job to start the business with her family recipe.

The stall only features a few items like the rolled chee cheong fun with either the Singaporean styled red sauce or the KL styled black sauce or Hong Kong styled sesame sauce. If you prefer, you can also choose the flat chee cheong fun instead of the rolled ones but I strongly recommend the rolled kind. They also have something which is more commonly found in Malaysia; KL curry chee cheong fun and special laksa chee cheong fun.

After my first time trying their chee cheong fun from the group buy, I specially travelled to Maxwell Food Center to buy some home for my mum who has absolutely fell in love with their chee cheong fun. I ordered takeaway and they were quite cutely packed in this traditional plastic bags. Each order came with 1 packet of sauce and additional sauces can be bought at 50 cents each.

Firstly, the chee cheong fun is nicely coated with sesame oil and seeds and does not stick onto one another like some other chee cheong fun bought elsewhere. The rice rolls themselves are super bouncy and chewy giving an extremely nice texture when you bite into it. This is why I felt their chee cheong fun stands out from others where you tend to get overly soft and mushy rice rolls.

Firstly, the red sauce which is the typical Singaporean style is sweet with a slight balance of savoury flavours. The consistency of the sauce is thick and coats each single piece of the roll perfectly.

For the black sauce which I tried during the first time and did not take a photo of has a more savoury flavour compared to the red one. The texture is also thick and smooth which went well with the rolls.

My personal favourite is the sesame sauce which is inspired by Hong Kong styled street chee cheong fun. The sauce is light brown and has a strong fragrance from the sesame used to make the sauce.

The sauce is so addictive that you wished there was more rolls to finish up all the sauce. You can savour the nutty flavour in your mouth with each piece with a slight resemblance to peanut butter.

Lastly, I also bought the laksa to try which uses the flat chee cheong fun and has various toppings like fishcake, boiled egg and bean curd skin roll. While the gravy looks pretty spicy from the redness of the colour, it is actually quite mild in spiciness. It is also lighter in consistency compared to the normal laksa so you do not get a overpowering meal. This is a refreshing take on laksa and is worth a try.

Overall, the dishes at Chee Cheong Fun Club is well worth the queue or calories and when I crave for chee cheong fun, I will definitely visit them.

Address: 01-38 Maxwell Food Center. 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

Operating hours: 7.30 am to 3 pm ( from 8.30 am on weekends and closed on Monday)

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