Rice Cooker Claypot Rice

There are days when you wish to just have a simple lunch or dinner and this is when some of these rice cooker recipes really come in handy since most of these do not take more than 10 mins to prepare. Claypot rice has always been a favourite amongst the locals since the one-pot goodie had plenty of ingredients as well as a nice charred flavour added to the rice itself.


For this easy recipe, you will need the following:

2 cups of rice

2 tablespoons of fried shallots with oil

2 Chinese sausages cut into slices

Chinese mushrooms soaked and cut into strips

250 gm chicken thigh meat cut into cubes

2 tablespoons of garlic

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

1 tablespoon oyster sauce

2 tablespoon of corn starch

2 teaspoon of mushroom seasoning

Optional: Salted fish


Firstly, season the chicken and mushroom with corn starch, mushroom seasoning, garlic, oyster sauce and sesame oil. Leave it to marinate for at least 1 hour.


For those who like salted fish, deep fry the salted fish and debone the meat.


Put aside the deboned salted fish for use later


Store fry the fried shallots and shallots oil with the salted fish until fragrant for about 1 min.


Add in the uncooked rice and stir until the shallots and salted fish is evenly mixed throughout the rice.


Pour all the rice from the pan into the rice cooker and add the usual amount of water needed for cooking the rice. Usually, the ratio is 1:1 for rice and water. For those who want a little more flavour in the rice can also add chicken stock instead of water.


My rice cooker has a clay pot rice program so I will select this. The difference between this and the standard cook is that it will create charred rice bits at the bottom to resemble clay pot rice cooked in the actual clay pot over an open fire. Those without this function can still do a standard cook but you will not have the charred bits.


When 10 mins into the cooking program when the liquid has dried up like the picture above, we can add our toppings


Place the chicken the sausages nicely on top of the half-cooked rice and close the cooker to let it continue cooking.


Once the program is done, your clay pot rice is ready. For flavour, you can now add dark soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper to taste and stir up the entire pot to make sure that the ingredient and rice is properly mixed up.


This is the finished dish where the dark soy sauce adds a pretty colour to the rice and the chicken is glistening with the oil from the Chinese sausage. For me, this is really very simple to make and only the frying of the salted fish took a bit more time. For those who wish to add vegetables, you can also add green leafy vegetables like bok choy to the cooker about 5 mins before it is done. This is to prevent the vegetable from overcooking.




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